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Can’t Connect to iTunes Store on your Apple TV?

Sometimes while connecting to iTunes Store on Apple TV, you see an alert, showing “Cannot connect to iTunes Store“. Mostly this problem occurs whenever there is some issue with your internet connection. But not all the time, there are other factors as well that prevent Apple TV from connecting to iTunes Store.

iTunes on Apple TV

Well, if this issue is just with your Apple TV then you can try following solutions. If your iPhone and Mac (which are using same network to connect to internet) also have the same issue, it means there is some issue with your internet connectivity. In that case you can try following techniques for internet connection troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting Internet Connection

  • If you’re using a WiFi connection in your home area then try restarting your router device. Sometimes router device faces some functionality issues and restarting is the best solution for that who doesn’t know technically how router devices work. After restarting, try browsing something using your web browser, just to check if internet is working properly.
  • Still not working? It means you’ve got some other issue in your WiFi connectivity. It can be either in your Apple TV’s WiFi adapter or in your router’s IP configuration settings.
    As another option, you can try connecting to router via a LAN cable. Plugin it properly and check if internet is working now.
  • If problem still persists then you may need to call your internet service provider (ISP) and let them know your issue. In the meantime, you may switch to cellular data from your iPhone and use it as WiFi hotspot for other devices.

You can study why iPhone can’t connect to iTunes for further understanding about the iTunes Store connectivity issue in iPhone. For Mac, you can go through Fixes and solutions if Mac can’t access iTunes Store.

No Connection to iTunes Store: Causes and Fixes for Apple TV

Ok, now let’s get back to Apple TV. I’m going to discuss common causes and respective solutions of no connection failure to iTunes Store.

i) Check Date and Time

See if date and time on your Apple TV are synchronized and displaying correct figures? Actually when the date and time are set to manual settings, there are chances that it may cause some synchronization issues. Not just iTunes Store, other web based applications will also face the same connectivity issue if date and time are showing a too old data.

It’s in best favor of user to keep date and time to automatic settings so that it can update itself automatically whenever it the device connects to an internet connection. You can go to Settings > General > Date & Time and make your corrections.

ii) Update OS Software

You should regularly update your Apple TV’ operating system and other software whenever there is update available. It is necessary because sometimes older OS versions become too vulnerable to viruses and hacking attacks. New updates contain fixes of such issues with some more advanced features.

So it’s possible that you’re using too old OS version of Apple TV and there is something like malware etc. that is preventing your Apple TV from connecting to iTunes Store. If it would be the cause then updating OS will automatically fix it.

iii) Restore Apple TV

If nothing is working and you can’t figure out what is the cause of no connection to iTunes, you may need to restore your Apple TV. Pay a close attention on following steps to do so.

  • You need to make sure you’re having an active internet connection.
  • iTunes’ version in your Apple TV is already updated to the latest available version. If not the update it ASAP.
  • Now connect your Apple TV with your computer via a micro USB cable.
  • Open iTunes app on your computer.
  • Now select Apple TV from Tunes app, go to summary tab and tap Restore button.
  • Now it’ll start downloading firmware, restoring process will be automatically initiated after that.
  • Wait sometime and let it finish the processing.

After restoring, you should be able to run all apps including iTunes Store, without any hurdle. If it still shows “Cannot connect to iTunes Store” notification then it means there is some issue either with Apple servers or with your Apple login account. Try resetting your account and contact to Apple store, tell them your problem and let them do something for you.

Above mentioned tips are generally work for Apple TV and for iPhone 4, iPhone 4s iPhone 5 iPhone 5s iPhone 5c iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus iPhone SE iPad Pro iPad air Mac as well. You can try them on all Apple devices you have.


Like iPhone and Mac, Apple TVs also face issue of no connection to iTunes. These above are the most common and handy techniques that you can use if you’re facing the same issue in your Apple TV.

It is just a brief description of the most common issues, there can be other causes which prevent your Apple TV form connecting to iTunes Store. Contacting to Apple store is suggested if you can’t figure out the actual cause even after trying the above tips. Wish you luck with that.


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