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New web Browser With Free Data Service – Enjoy!

Can you imagine a web browser with free data service ? It’s the time for that dream to come true. A Boston based mobile Advertising company “Jana” is about to launch a web browser with free data service for android users. It’s called mCent browser. According to an estimate, 90 million USD will be invested in India and other emerging markets. A tough time for UC browser and Opera mini is coming when everyone will be shifting to this new “Free” browser.

browser with free data

Free Internet with Jana

Co founder of Jana said,

Until now high data cost have made users more selective and data conscious, which has posed a challenge to advertisers trying to engage those users through mobile advertisements…

He also added

Along with free browsing, mCent Browser will also offers advertisers a way to reach emerging markets consumers by integrating their brand into the browser experience…

Free Net, But How Much ?

Probably you’re  thinking about the data limitation of mCent browser. Many free internet services such as “Your Freedom” offer a very limited data rate and bandwidth much lower than a normal internet user’s requirement. that’s why these services are not useful enough. Initially mCent will provide 10MB/day data refund along with unrestricted access to internet content. Jana said that the data will increase gradually as more advertisers add to the platform.

Company said,

For the browser we are working with the search engine partners as well as advertising networks like Facebook and Instagram. We are also in talks with some e-commerce companies, Eagle said in a conference here. He, however, declined to name the e-commerce players.

Where ?

Initially these free internet services will be provide in India. Jana is tying up with local telecom companies for robust transmission. minimum 10 million users are expected at the end of 2017. Let’s see enjoy this web Browser With Free Data Service!

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