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Which One is the Best Browser for Web Developers?

Best Browser for Developers: There is a big difference in choice when you’re selecting a browser as simple user, or as developer. The purpose of finding the best browser for web developers as developing tools, is to give a brief intro about the browsers which performs well for web development. So, that the web developers could choose between them according to what they prefer the most.

browser for web developers

Web developers have their preference for which a browser performs well, equipped with features required by developer. As we know about the best browser for windows and for those who prefer Linux OS they might be interested in knowing about the best browser for Linux OS. But these choices are not necessarily same for web developers.

The choices of web developers vary from browser to browser for doing some specific tasks. I personally not in favor of the idea of just selecting one browser and nominate it as best browser for web developers. It will not be a sound decision because preference varies for developer to developer and task to task.

The browser which will they nominate as considerably bad browser, may have some unique features as well. And there are chances that an uncommon browser start functioning best for web developers, after they install unique and must have extensions for web browsers.

Best Browser for Web Developers

Considering this thing and after doing some homework, I decided to select and discuss about three most favorite web browsers from developers, so that the developers could choose one on them according to their preferences. So, let’s start with which is most favored by all, yes! Google chrome!

1 – Google Chrome

The most useful feature of Google Chrome which make it favorite of mass, is the Built-in developing tools. It significantly speeds up code writing and debugging. Chrome has different embedded features which are discussed as follows.

Google Chrome for developers

  1. DevTools: This is the series of panels which assists web developers to work with easy menu of tools together. Console, network, timeline, profile, elements, audits, security etc. are the major elements which are included. These give access to prevailing functionality.
  1. JavaScript console: This tool is most widely used by web developers to troubleshoot JS.
  1. PageSpeed Insights: This tool is to speed to the page operations by giving web developers implementable suggestions. This is very useful to have checks such as when the optimization is critical etc. There are also separate extensions for this job i.e. to know why the page is being operated very slowly.
  1. Device Emulation: This is actually a multi-functioning tool having abilities to emulate mobile devices and touch events etc. It works in association with DevTools panel.
  1. Chrome Inspect Devices: It is used to dialogue a chrome page on mobile device. This feature is mostly used as a final check after the Device Emulation tool.
  1. Web Developer extension: In case you think DevTools is not enough for what you want to do then this is for you. This includes round about 100 features.

2 – Mozilla Firefox

So now comes another market king, Mozilla Firefox. Actually, there is a specific Firefox Developer Edition which is built solely for web developers. It has a tagline, showing “built for those who build the Web”.

Mozilla Firefox for developers

It’s equipped with latest and useful web developing tools to help developers in their job. It allows developers to build, test and scale using a single platform. What else you guys want!!!

Some most useful pre-installed tools are as follows.

  1. JavaScript Debugger: This unique tool is to identify bugs in code and modify it instantly. Most useful for beginners.
  1. Responsive Design Mode: This is kind of an analyzing tool which helps you to see how a page will look like on different devices. You don’t need to change your windows size for this of course. You can instantly observe the appearance of page and do certain changes.
  1. Style Editor: This tool is for creating and editing Cascading Style Sheet styles (CSS styles) Create and edit CSS styles and to analyze them by applying on a page.
  1. Valence: Valence is kind of a tool adapter which is used to connect the web IDE to other devices with different browsers. The purpose of this is to check and debug an app over multiple devices and browsers. Very useful!
  1. WebIDE: This is another useful extension which lets web developers to develop, deploy and debug within Firefox. You can create new or edit existing codes and run simulation very easily.

Other Browsers with Some Great Features

1 – Ghost Browser

This browser lets web developers to save a group of sessions with their respective logins remain stored in the project. This allows you to launch them with just one click, a great utility though!

Ghost Browser for developers

These sessions in Ghost browser are distinguished with different colors which you can edit by your choice.

2 – Safari Browser

Safaro Browser for developers

Safari has a unique feature which is called “Handoff”. It provides utility to open a tab in your PC by turning on your phone and swiping the safari logo. You can also use Apple Pay on any site (which allows Apple Pay) via safari. Safari has many features for web developers which make safari an “acceptable option” to choose.

3 – Blisk Browser

Another browser having great tools for web developers is Blisk browser. Blisk, as some says, is a dream browser for a web developer.

Blink Browser for developers

It comes with a pack of web developing features including a set of popular devices in emulated mode. It’s also a preferable option for web developers when they need to check how their code behaves across multiple other devices and browsers.


After searching best browser for web developers, I could not come up with any browser other than Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. These are the two most favorite of all, having a great number of users. Other browsers which performs better for web developers are Ghost browser, safari and Misk browser.

These are equipped with some useful tools and features which are preferred by many developers. You can make your choice according to which feature and function you prefer the most.

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