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6 Must-Have Extensions in Browser that you Must have installed ASAP


Today’s discussion is about some of the most required extensions for web browser. Extensions are meant to make our browsing experience easier and time saving. Today, a browser without having extension compatibility is nothing. A browser which supports useful extensions and has a nice collection of extension is more attracting for users. Like Google Chrome which has a really big stack of different kind of extensions in its webstore.

Why extensions are needed?

Before going to more details and intro of most useful extensions, let’s understand why these extensions are needed. Different people have different choices and preferences on internet. Many of us look for privacy and protection of browsing. Some need nice web page layouts. Some prefer data savings. Some wants to block ad appearance etc.… Therefore, a simple web browser, no matter how nice is its functioning, can’t be preferred by all. Everybody have different taste. One only prefer that browser which he can customize according to his taste. So, this was basic need behind the development of web extensions. Now let’s move ahead to have an intro of most required extensions for web browser.

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Some most required extensions for your web browser

Following is the list of general categories of most required extensions for web browser that you should install in your web browser. Along with their intro and download links.

NOTE: This list is not in any ascending or descending order. Because we don’t know which type of extensions are most/least preferable for each one of you. Extension preference differs from person to person. So, we decided to merge them into general categories, and mentioned those extensions (with download links) which are best for that particular category. It will help you in finding which suits best for you.

  • i) Extensions for Bookmarking

Bookmarking is most useful tool for students, teachers, researchers and all others who have a lot to study. Many times, we come up to something really nice during browsing, but we don’t have time to read it. We wish to save it and get back to it after a while. Bookmarking is to save these contents in your browser instantly. So that you can get them later. Some bookmarking extensions even allow synchronization of contents you saved, in order to make them instantly available when you re-open. Following are some of top bookmarking extensions. You choose either of them!

Have a really busy schedule? Most of us who have busy schedules often get annoyed when they forget something very important. May be some kind of event, son’s birthday, wedding anniversary etc. SO there should be something that will continuously remind us about upcoming events, by popping up on our screen. Does it sound good? If so then must install one of the following extensions.


  • iii) Instant Notes making

Sometimes we instantly need to save something. May be an article, a section of page or some pages. These extensions are to help us out in these situations by instantly saving whatever we want. If you’ve been an Evernote user then these extensions are best for you. It also offers proper management and sorting of saved things. Most required extensions for web browser which are best regarding this are:


  • iv) Ad Blocking

Now this is something we all hate. It’s really bad when we are working on something serious but different types of useless ads keep on breaking our concentration. Many of us have already installed ad blocking plugins and extensions and many still looking for something permanent against these ads. No doubt ad blocking extensions work good but which one is most good? Which is best collection of ad blocking extensions among which we can choose? Here is the answer. Choose any of the following ad blocking extensions and get this issue solved.


  • v) Security, Anonymity and Data Protection

This is also one of the basic needs. No one can deny the importance of online security and data protection. Sometimes we need to access some blocked contents on internet, we need to be anonymous for that. We always need to secure our data from being lost or from being exposed to anyone other than source and destination. We need a secure web connection. So here I’ve compiled some of the most required extensions for your web browser for this sake. Each one of them has own specifications limitations that you further read about. But the primary purpose of all of them is security, protection and anonymity. Choose one which suits you best. SecureGmail (4th one) is particularly for the protection of your Gmail account and Emails.


  • vi) Data Saving Extension

After covering major categories of most required extensions for your web browser. et me introduce you a unique extension which is actually made for saving you data and bandwidth. This a gift for those having low speed internet connection. The thing it actually does is to compress the data while browsing by stopping unnecessary data communication. This kind of data compression is also being supported by some browsers like Opera etc. But build in function of data compression in browsers is not that efficient. Google chrome has developed an extension (mentioned below) which specifically designed for this purpose. I recommend this to every one of you. Enjoy!

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