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Best of Vivaldi – Check Out this Cool History Feature of Vivaldi Browser

With better monitoring and control options, this new web history feature is  really nice addition to best of Vivaldi browser features. Continuous evolution with many new features gradually moving Vivaldi browser towards the title of “A Preferable Web Browser“!

best of vivaldi

What is this new Web History feature ?

This history feature is actually for user’s ease and better control to his previous online activities. Now user can easily monitor, customize and manage all of his previous web activities, presented in a cool visual way. That’s why this new history feature is considered as best of Vivaldi. Jon von Tetzchner, CEO of Vivaldi Technologies said:

Instead of having to scroll through hundreds of lines, Vivaldi gives a comprehensive overview of history, presented in a visual way. This lets our users analyze their online activity and helps them find what they are looking for.

According to company, Vivaldi Browser has three main targets to strive for

  • Continuous innovations in Vivaldi browser
  • Primarily focus on needs of individual web surfer
  • Strong ties with community

Along with improvements in web history control & management, Vivaldi also assured that the privacy and security will be primary concern. Confidential infos of individual users will remain safe and secure.

This, best of Vivaldi, new history feature is located in side panel of browser’s homepage. It provides instant access to bookmarks, downloaded items, and other management tools at once. It means users don’t need to go through a series of commands to find something in browser. Instant access to most commonly accessed items is made tremendously easy. This new feature is available in Vivaldi version 1.8. This new version also has a new screenshot function. Which allows instantly capturing screen (or some desired part) using a Camera Icon on status bar. Screenshot tool can also be accessed from main menu of Vivaldi browser. Some latest features along with best of vivaldi history management feature, making this browser preferable over many others.


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