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7 Best Games on Facebook in 2017 – Top FB Games

Best Games on Facebook in 2017: Games on Facebook are for the people have a really good taste in gaming. If you’re Facebook addicted and love to play online games, you need to know some best games on Facebook. You don’t need to logout of your Facebook and to open some other thing to play games on their PC or mobile when you can enjoy this within Facebook.

Best Games on Facebook in 2017

Facebook has become more than just information and fun, isn’t it? Now you can use Facebook to promote your business by Integrating Facebook to your Website or Blog. If you’re running a group or page on Facebook, you can use it to earn money by affiliate marketing.

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In fact, there is a lot more you can do on Facebook. If you’re fed up with conventional layout of Facebook, you can customize it and make your Facebook Looks not boring. It’s attracting to have a cool theme while playing games on Facebook.

7 Best Games on Facebook That I Like the Most

If we just talk about games, we can find online games of all categories on this platform. While compiling a list of best games to play on Android I came to know that most of such games are also available in Facebook. So that’s why, after doing some homework, here I’m with a list of best games on Facebook. Let’s go with the 1st one!

#1 Angry Birds Star Wars

In 7 best games on Facebook, Angry Bird Star Wars is at top. It’s actually a kind of infusion from some game based ideas from a film series. It got really famous among Facebook online game lovers due to the cool features they added in this game. It’s a competition type game in which you can compete with your friends and have a weekly challenge to keep you attracted to it and motivated to move on.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Play Angry Birds Star Wars on Facebook

#2 Avengers Alliance

It’s a unique kind of game features on Comics universe. In this game, they player is considered as the agent of S.H.I.E.L.D and its mission is to assemble a team of super humans and to fight the forces of evil. There is a lot of adventure in it i.e. you’ve to look for new weapons to help yourself against enemies.

Avengers Alliance

You fight, survive and beat the heck out of evil forces on your way. It’s just awesome. Highly suggested for Comic book fans. You gonna love it!

Play Avenger Alliance on Facebook

#3 Empire and Allies

In Empire and Allies, you actually build up a real estate on Facebook. There is a lot of fun like invading others’ towns on land or sea etc. This is not a solo game in which you can play and enjoy alone. You need friends to wage a mission. It’s actually fun, you’ll be addicted once you start playing it. Waging war, destroying others’ towns and a lot more is waiting for you there.

Empire and Allies

Play Empire and Allies on Facebook

#4 Bubble Witch Saga

In my list of 7 best games on Facebook, Bubble Witch Saga is at rank 4. In Bubble Witch Saga, you’re supposed to burst the moving bubbles. The good thing is player never get bored because it has almost 150 level that a player need to unlock one after another.

It seems very easy in start but it keeps becoming more and more challenging one you move to higher levels. If you’re not afraid of puzzles and eager to accept challenges then you must try it.

Bubble Witch Saga

It you just want to play it to relax your mind then it might be not a good option because it’ll be getting tougher and tougher after some initial levels.

Play Bubble Witch Saga on Facebook

#5 Robot Rising

It’s the most unique game so far on Facebook. It’s fully robot powered action based game having fabulous graphics and explosion sounds. There is nothing like asking others for gifts etc. There is robot based action, mission, blowing up anything that seems moving and unlimited adventures out there waiting for you. It’s not recommended for those who want peaceful or slow-motion games.

Robot Rising

Play Robot Rising on Facebook

#6 The Grinns Tale

So, the Grins Tale is another good game which is being played by many. Design and graphics are very unique and attracting along with a nice compilation of music and the hell of adventure.

The Grinns Tale

It’s more suitable for team builders, you’ve to invade a tower and fight the evil creatures and to secure the village. You’ll build new buildings and shops to make new armors, collect food etc. It gives you a feel like a king on an empire.

Play the Grins Tale on Facebook

#7 Legends: Rise of a Hero

Legends: Rise of a Hero is also a preferable option when it comes to the requirements of wilderness type adventure. If you and your teammate ain’t busy in cultivating the home base, buildings, crafting new items etc. you’ll go out with your group in a wild area where you’ll fight evil creatures and complete missions.

Legends - Rise of a Hero

It’s not like other slow-motion games in which you sit back see what’s happening in game. You need to stay active and alert.

Play Legends: Rise of a Hero on Facebook


So, here we end up the discussion about the best games on Facebook. These seven games are found most famous which are being played by many, out there on Facebook. I’m sure you got an idea about what kind of games are being supported by Facebook.

Moreover, respective links are also given in case you directly jump to the game you want to play right now. Hope you enjoyed reading that.

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