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4 Best Browsers for Rooted Android Phone

Best Browser for Rooted Android: We all have experienced different browsers and already know about the best browser for Android phones is. But when it comes to rooted android phone, we usually don’t have any idea which browser we should use. So, I decided to do some homework on this and suggest you a browser for your rooted Android phone.

Browser You Must Test on Rooted Android

Android phones are most commonly used smartphones now a days. Each browser has its own specifications and expertise. For example The most secure and private web browser for android only focuses to make your online presence safe and secure.

But our priorities change significantly when we root our Android phone. We need a specific web browser which is generally good for all functions in rooted Android phone. Here you’re going to figure out which is that general good browser.

Android Browser Which Participated in Benchmark Tests

Multiple browsers are tested using different benchmark techniques to figure out which is the best among these. Following is the list of browsers on which the tests was conducted. This list consists of the most commonly used browsers for Android’s rooted and non-rooted phones.

  • Dolphin Browser
  • Google Chrome
  • Naked Browser for Android
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera Browser
  • Ghostery Browser
  • Puffin web Browser
  • UC Browser
  • Mercury Browser for android


The phone was rebooted before starting any test, just to make sure that microprocessor of phone is 100% granted to this test and there is no parallel processing going on.  Browser history, cookies and other browser app data was cleared in order to minimize the chances of any kind of possible influence.

Each test was performed for minimum 3 times to make sure an average result. Why average value? Because the test results of such benchmark tests varies every time. Even if we use same text for same device in same conditions then it will show a bit different result each time. Though the difference will be very less, but still it exists.

What to test?

These benchmarks tests covered the:

  • Overall performance of browser, JavaScript etc.
  • Webpage loading speed (in normal conditions).
  • Phone’s memory consumption by the browser.


Following is the list of benchmarks which were used to analyze the performance of above mentioned browsers for Android phone. Memory consumption was analyzed separately because it’s out of the scope of these benchmarks.

  • Mozilla Kraken
  • Sunspider
  • Peacekeeper
  • Browsermark

Such tools are generally used to analyze the performances of web browsers in terms of loadig speed, HTML abilities and JS then generate a numeric result. So let’s start from the 1st one.

i) Mozilla Kraken

Mozilla Kraken Benchmark is developed by Mozilla which actually measures the JS performance. It give numeric output score in milliseconds and the lowest score refers to the best performance. The Score was as foolows.

ii) SunSpider

It also measures the JS capabilities of web browser and give numeric output results in milliseconds, same as Mozilla Kraken. The result was as follows:

  • Again the puffin web browser was on top
  • UC browser was on 2nd.
  • I know you won’t believe it but the Google Chrome performed very badly in this test by securing lowest results.

iii) Peacekeeper

This is a famous benchmark test which is most widely used to measure the general performance of web browsers. It analyzes the browser’s performance by testing the JS handling capabilities of Android web browsers. Its tests include HTML5 handling, DOM operations, text parsing and data arrays.

Results of this test are as follows.

  • Puffin again proved itself best by securing 1st
  • UC browser for android was standing at 2nd
  • Dolphin browser for android was the 3rd

iv) Browsermark

And the last one is the Browsermark, which calculates the overall performance of an Android web browser. It measures everything, such as: JS, CSS, DOM, webpage loading time, screen resolution and graphics etc.

The difference of this benchmark from previous ones is the highest numeric score indicates the best performance. The results were as follows.

  • This time the 1st position was secured by Opera with 2430 points.
  • 2nd was Chrome.

Memory consumption

Though we already have figured out which browser performed well in benchmark tests, but the memory consumption issue is also very important to pay attention on. It can’t be neglected at all because this comes up as a most important factor for Android phones with limited memory. Memory consumption test is divided into two section which are discussed separately.

  • No tab opened: 1st case I analyzing the memory consumed by the browser when no tab is opened. It is the situation when it is assumed that the browser is sitting idle and doing nothing. The results were as follows.
  1. Dolphin was on top with using least memory.
  2. Naked browser for Android was the 2nd
  3. Opera was far behind in this test.

·         5 tabs opened: Now the situation is there are 5 tabs opened in the web browser which is being tested. Cookies, cache and other data is already cleared it is just a start form clean slate. The results was quite shocking though.

  1. Chrome, yes Google chrome which was performing very badly in previous tests, took 1st position in this.
  2. Dolphin and Puffin did not perform well and fell to lowest positions in this test.

Conclusive remarks

So these were performance analyzing tests for 10 different browsers for Rooted Android phone. Different tests shows different results but it is not that hard to analyze which performed the best. I hope this guide made you decide which browser you should use in rooted Android phone!


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