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Do you know what is the best browser for Linux? Here’s your answer

Recently a big question was raised “what is the best browser for Linux?” And we observed a bombardment of many but contradicting answers. Linux is favorite OS of technical people due to it’s safer work environment. It’s a bit difficult to operate for Windows addicted people. But once you get familiar with it you gonna love it for sure. Usually all browsers that we know on windows have their Linux versions as well. But the point here which browser is best for Linux environment ?

Some previous tests are user’s votes indicated that the Firefox is best browser for Linux. They published it and people believe it. But, is firefox really best for Linux ?  Many people had doubts on that report. So some benchmark tests conducted to separate milk from water. Results were eye opening. Let’s see what they found in benchmark tests, let’s unveil the best browser for Linux.

what is best browser for Linux

JetSteam 1.1 Test

This benchmark test based on Javascript. It’s working principle is to combine different javascript tests and output a single score by adding all scores in Geometric mean. We will discuss top three positions among all browsers. Here’s the result for JetSteam 1.1

  • Chromium took the first position with a score of 180 points.
  • Chrome  was standing at second position having  179 points.
  • Opera was at third position with 178.84 points.

Kraken 1.1 Test

This benchmark also works on the principle of Javascript performance. But the interesting thing here is the Lower score considered as the best outcome. Here’s the result

  • First position was taken by Opera with 988 milliseconds.
  • Second one was Chromium with 989.5 ms.
  • Third was Chrome with 993 ms.

Octane 2.0 Test

This Javascript based benchmark was developed by Google. Higher result is considered as best(opposite to the Kraken 1.1). Results are here

  • Chrome was at first positions here with 31,738 points.
  • Chromium took second positions with 31,450 points.
  • Opera was at third having 30,980 points.

WebXPRT Test

If someone ask what is the most comprehensive benchmark test then answer WebXPRT. It contains Javascript and six HTML5 based workloads. Here are the test results of top three browsers.

  • This time Firefox was on top with 354 points.
  • Second one was Web with 294 points.
  •  Third position was still a competition between Chrome and Opera acquiring same 282 points.

HTML5 Test

This test actually measures how a browser compiles with HTML5 standard. A perfect score of 550 is already set as a destination which all browsers try to achieve. Closer the result of a browser, the best it’ll be. Here’s the outcome

  • Chrome was the winner with 519 points.
  • Vivaldi was at second with 517 points.
  • Opera was at third with 512.

Speedometer Test

This benchmark test measures how a browser react on user’s action. You can say it’s actually a speed measuring test. This test gave following outcomes.

  • Chrome took first position with a score of 113.2.
  • Vivaldi was at second with 112 points.
  • Opera took third position with 108 points. 


After analyzing different benchmark results we clearly observed that the top positions were kept fluctuating between different browser. So winner will be determined by the the number of positions. i.e. browser with more positions will be the King. And this was Opera!
Yes, Opera browser proved itself a king! 🙂

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