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9 Must Have Root Apps for Rooted Android Phones

If you’ve rooted your Smartphone, you’d definitely in search of suitable best Apps for Rooted Android Phones. Though, rooting an Android phone is not that necessary for a normal Android user. But if you do root your device then you must be aware of best apps to be used on rooted Android phone.

Must Have Root Apps for Rooted Android Phones

Why We Root Android?

Technology is actually going faster than expectations. Now you can even control your Android device from PC via multiple ways, but still there are a lot of reasons due to which people root their Android phones.

Rooting your Smartphone, hey I mean, Android OS, get rid of pre-installed crapware, boost battery life and increase your phone’s processing power and much more. However, the same way, people also have reason not to root their Androids, but that’s not the word I’m supposed to share here.

NOTE: No matter you if you root your phone or not, but if you want to be secure online then you should always use Secure web browser for Android phones.

Best Root Apps for Rooted Android Phones

Rooting your phone won’t be that beneficial if you don’t know about the best apps to use on a rooted Android phone. Considering this need, I decided to compile a list of best apps to use on a rooted Android device.

1 Dumpster

Dumpster App

In the list of must have rooted Apps for Android Phones, Dumpster is a free application that is widely used to recover deleted files and restore them back to phone memory. Photos, videos, PDF files and other documents can be successfully recovered using this application. This is a must have application because you don’t know when you need to recover the data from your phone memory.

It acts like a recycle bin for your Android phone because the recovering process is same as easy as from your PC’s recycle bin. Download Dumpster from Play Store and never lose any data.

2 AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is also another free and necessary application that you should have in your rooted Android device. AdBlock removes all kind of advertisements that you often experience on your Android while browsing web or running a web based application.

Though it is not available in Google Play Store, yet you can Download AdBlock Plus from ABP’s official site and keep your Android ad less.

3 Greenify

Greenify App

Greenify is kind of an application manager of your rooted Android phone. It always keeps analyzing and performing checks on the applications you’ve installed. Like which app is running, which is closed or disabled and for how many times these apps have wake up your phone.

This analysis helps you in measuring your Android phone’s performance. You can hibernate your phone or disable those apps which are not functioning well. As for as its price is concerned it’s totally free of cost. But if you like you can donate $2.99 to help them further improve its working. You can Download Greenify from Play Store.

4 Flashify


This is another useful App for rooted Android phone which allows to queue up the stuff to flash from recovery without rebooting Android. Things you can queue up are Zip folders, kernel data images, boot images etc.

A nice interface and simplicity ranked up this application among rooted Android phone apps. You can download Flashify from Play Store free of cost. But as an option you can donate $3.99.

5 Quick Reboot

Quick Reboot

Quick Reboot is one of the root Apps for rooted Android phone devices, that allows users to boot to recovery mode and to bootloader. Sometimes the power menu of android shows a strange behavior with only letting you to power down the device or cause some similar issue.

Quick Reboot is the solution of all the power menu related issues that the rooted Android devices face. Its magnificently quick and simple to command. You can download Quick Reboot from Play Store and enjoy advanced booting options.

6 Link2SD


Link2SD is a useful app form rooted android phones which allows to move apps to the SD card in your phone. How? It actually creates an environment which makes your Android device to think the app (which is moved to SD card) is on phone memory.

It’s very useful especially when you’ve limited app storage in your android phone. You can take advantage of SD card’s memory in order to install and use all of your favorite apps. Install Link2SD from Play Store and enjoy.

7 ROM Toolbox

ROM Toolbox

ROM Toolbox is a multifunctioning app which allows rooted android users to perform multiple functions such as ROM management, Script writing, font installation and application management. Some extra utilities that this app provide are changing boot animations, themes, icon bar status and many more.

There are some complaints from some users that it does not work on their rooted Android phones. But still, many users are using ROM Toolbox and its working perfectly fine. I recommend this app because of its multiple functioning. You can Download ROM Toolbox from Google Play Store.

8 Servicely

Servicely App

The next app in our list of useful apps for rooted Android phones is Servicely. You can control background services running in your rooted Android phone via this app. It saves your battery life by limiting the performance of unwanted background apps.

I’m sure you’ll get addicted to it if you ever use it. Download Servicely from Google play store and minimize the burden of background process from your android.

9 Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup

Last by not least, the Titanium Backup application which allows rooted Android users to uninstall bloatware and freeze application. It also provides a backup of your applications and application data. You can Download Tatanium Backup from Google Play Store free of cost.

These are most common and widely used root apps for rooted Android phone, along with the download links. Though, the list of Apps for rooted Android Phone that is really big, but the above list contains only those rooted apps that you must have. Hope the read will be beneficial for you!

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