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8 Best Android Games on Google Play that I Recommend

Android has brought a wide opportunity for every Smartphone user to play games anytime, anywhere. Find top 8 Unique Android Games to Play that I’ve listed here. There is no need to go back to your workbench restart you PC of laptop just to play some game. You can install every game you like in your Android.

best android games

If you’re using rooted Android phone, you may want to know about the Apps for Rooted Android Phones that you should install before go for open source .apx files of Android games.

There are some people who use Android emulators to play Android games on PC. But it has many drawbacks, such as it slows down the performance of PC because you’re running an OS within an OS. It also significantly drains battery of PC and you’ve to charge it again after a while.

Sometimes there are some graphical issues while playing Android games in PC because Android games are supposed to be played on Android phone, so they have been developed accordingly.

Top 6 Android Games to Play on Smartphones

After selecting the top 10 best games for mac OS, I’ve decided to compile a list for Android games as well. So here I’m, with the list of some unique Android games to play so far.

#1 Pokemon Go

It got famous in July 2016 and proved itself the record breaker game. Everyone was playing it everywhere, every time. It is pretty interesting game in which you walk n world and catch Pokemon and hit them up to restock on items.

Pokemon Go

It is the best game ever played on Android due to its uniqueness. Future updates are coming in which they’re going to add more Pokemons Go along with changing the mechanics and adding some more interesting features. Don’t miss it.

#2 Crashland

This Android game was developed and released in 2016. It rapidly gained its position among best and unique games for Android to play. It is actually about an intergalactic truck which is crashed and landed on an alien planet. The player’s job is to get to know what is going on there, to build a base and collect different items of need and finally save the world from aliens.


By description, it feels so difficult but actually it is so easy to play. It has features like instantly collecting tons of items and sorting them out. Once you start, you’ll be enjoying it. There are no in-app purchases in this game which make one of the unique game for Android to play.

#3 Golf Clash

It’s comparatively a new game, but already attracting the masses of Android users towards itself. It attracts the dedicated players due to its clear aim. However, if both players took same number of shots then there will be a need of winning one shot which would be closest to the pin shootout.

Golf Clash

If you win, you’ll get reward like coins and trophy. If you lose, you’d be punished by giving away coins/trophy.

#4 Table Tennis Touch

It’s the best ping pong game available in Play Store for Android users which costs $2.99 to download it. After downloading, you’ll realize that you $2.99 were not wasted. The controls of this game are so simple and easily controllable.

Table Tennis Touch

Topspin, backspin, side-spin and other powerful smash shots are just on one tap away. Another unique option is you can play t online with your friend. This feature attracts ping pong lovers the most. You should buy it and start playing with your ping pong lover best friend.

#5 Geometry Wars 3

This is one of the best games series for Android. Geometry Wars 3 came up with some extra unique features and instantly got famous among Android game lovers. The cool thing it came up with is the 3D maps of different shapes.

Geometry Wars 3

It makes the game more challenging yet interesting. It consists of 100 levels including 12 battle modes over 3D grids. Though it costs $9.99 per download but that’s not a big deal if you’re about to play one of the best 3D featured Android games. There are no in-app purchases as well.

#6 Doodle Bowling

Do you like playing an Android game just to relax your mind for few minutes in office? If so then this is for you. Though it does not have high definition graphics because it reduces everything to simple drawing. It does not require any strategies or skills in bowling.

Doodle Bowling

You can bowl a ball by just swiping your screen upward. While the ball is moving, swiping left and right controls its direction and prevent it from moving off the track. It is actually very simple and meant to have a win-win result just to entertain a short time player. It’s totally free to download having size of almost 126MBs

#7 Shadow Fight 2

Though it is a 3 years old and many other games of this sort are already out but it still worth to download and play. One can get the idea how popular it is by its 100 million+ downloads. You can play it online with your friend at other end, without consuming much of your data.

Shadow Fight 2

You’d be gradually learning about new moves, skills, weapons on your way to higher levels. This is the thing that doesn’t let a user to get bored of Shadow Fight 2.

It’s totally free to download having size of almost 135MBs. You must be using Android 3.0 of higher in other to enjoy this game.

#8 Minecraft

This game is favorite of all for people of 7 to 70. If you never played it then you may want to know about the unique situation it puts the player in. There will be a giant kind of world in which you’ll have to mine, build different stuff, and beat the hell out of bad guys and any more.


You need to survive there, and for surviving you’ve to build you resources and collect your food. It is actually a paid game with some in-app purchases but these purchases are optional to get some extra resources.


The Android games you just read about are generally compiled according to the popularity among the Android game players. Not just these 8, in fact there are a lot of other Android which are being played and enjoyed by Android users. But when we need to sort out some “generally good” Android games, we have to look at every aspect.

If you see the above list I compiled, it consists of different games which are actually from different categories. Some people prefer Fighting and survival games such as Shadow Fight 2. Other prefers those Android games which relax their mind for a while, such as Doodle Bowling. Some prefer creative games like Minecraft etc.

So, I decided to collect the best games from every category so that it’ll be useful for all, no matter what type of Android game you like. You can get to know about the best game of your favorite category in this list. Also check public reviews on games.


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