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Use Adobe Flash Player on Browser and Get Paid – Interesting Deal

FedEx is about to pay $5 to it’s customers for using adobe flash player on browser. Why is that? Only possible reason is FedEx still have flash technology based contents in its web. As most of the updated versions of web browsers ain’t allowing any flash based contents, no one gonna go through these contents due to defamation of flash. So FedEx came up with an idea of paying an incentive to customers on enabling flash for FedEx.

adobe flash player on browser

Incentive Payment Policy of FedEx

If you browse some particular contents in FedEx site, you may receive this following notification:

We apologize for the inconvenience, but it looks like your browser no longer supports Flash…

This happens if you have disabled adobe flash player on browser. Though in latest versions of most of browsers you don’t even need to manually disable flash.. They are coming with flash disabled by default. So this could be a tough time for FedEx, as requiring flash could distract its customers. Idea of paying $5 incentive is just to keep its customers visiting FedEx site until they update FedEx site in next IT scheduled update.
Spokeswoman of FedEx said:

In the interim, as a gesture of appreciation for any inconvenience in the ordering process, we are offering our customers a courtesy discount…

But it’s not like you just browse their site and get paid with $5. You have to place an order and go through their process by spending more than $30.

Anyways, if you’re interested in this offer and want to advantage of this offer then you better learn How to Enable Flash in your browser. For those people who still don’t want to enable adobe flash player on browser, FedEx offering its Print and Go service as an alternate option.



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