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Adding Time Lapse Effects & Slo-Mo to any Video Present in your iPhone

If you love capturing moments then you might also want to know the simple method to add Time-Lapse Effects to any captured video. Here I’ve come with a simple method to do this job.  If you’re having iPhone 5S, 6 or 6 plus you can still ad Slo-Mo and Time Lapse effects in captured videos through stock camera app.

Add Time Lapse Effects & Slo-Mo to Videos in iPhone

But combing these videos is still a headache unless you install some video editing app from app store. Some people prefer Harmlessly Switch from iPhone to Android. However, the iPhone app that does this Time Lapse and Slo-Mo effect job at single video is Tempo. Let’s see how!

All you need to do is just to install Tempo Video Editor from app store. But the little annoying thing and the only one negative aspect of this app is it auto insert a watermark to converted video. However, if you’ve got enough budget then you can remove this auto inserted watermark by making an in-app purchase of just $4.99. That’s not a very big deal though!

How to Use Time Lapse Effects & Slo-Mo?

Getting started with Tempo is quite easy. After completing installation process, tap to open. On opening, it will ask your permission to access your photos. This is same with every other photo/video editing of camera application.

Grant this permission, you don’t have to worry about the privacy of your personal photos and videos because Tempo respects your privacy. Once you permit, your phone videos will start showing in its menu as a grid. Pick any and start editing.

You also have option to record fresh video using Tempo. If you want to record another video then you’ve to permit Tempo to access your camera and microphone. Same as with any other camera app.

Ok, once you’ve selected videos then the next step is adding music or any other sound track from your iPhone’s music collection. You can choose starting and ending point on selected sound track according to your choice.

Speed Adjustment and Other Editing Tools

You can slow down and speed up any of part of any video according to your choice. Tempo usually offers 5 different speed options ranging from Fastest to Slowest. By default, every video is set to “normal” sped level.

Choosing a previously edited video which you’ve set to faster motion will increase its speed even more on editing again. Means you can make you videos play even more than fastest level by editing it multiple times. That’s a thing which is quite unique in Tempo.

You can recognize the speed by the color scheme. Blue color means the “slower” speed level is set. Green (or light green) indicates the “normal” speed level and Red shows the “Faster” motion. All of these color pattern will appear on time-scale underneath the edited video.

This helps a lot in getting an idea about speed pattern of video without watching it. This pattern is re-adjustable multiple times. All you need to do is to move the slide and select the desired speed level.

If you still don’t like it, tap to slider and change again. This is how you can merge both the Time Lapse and Slo-Mo features on single video using Tempo.

Sharing of Edited Videos

Finally when you’re done with editing and pretty satisfied with your new video then tap the “Next” button. Here you’ll see multiple options to share this edited video.

You can directly share it to social media sites such as FB MessengerInstagram etc. If you don’t want to upload it then you can still save it to camera roll.

Converting a Normal Video to Time Lapse in GoPro Studio

Many people don’t like Tempo (I don’t know why. As per my knowledge its best video editing app which converts your normal video to Time Lapsed video in just few steps).

If you also don’t like installing Tempo you can still create a Time Lapse video out of a normal video using GoPro Studio. Just follow the method given below:

  • Capture a new video or pic from your iPhone’s memory. It’s advised to pick up a video with length between 3-5 minutes. Though you can choose any video but too short or too long videos sometime do not seem appropriate after Time Lapsing.
  • Convert this video to Time Lapse by speeding it up. You can speed it up multiple times (1x, 2x, 3x and 4x). Choose as per your choice.
  • If you observe your video sound has become rough after Time Lapsing then use Smooth to make it smoother.
  • Its recommended to set the quality to 1080p (though it will increase video size significantly. So choose it wisely).
  • All done. Now you can publish it or save it in your iPhone.

This is what I’m able to dig out of all the problem I’ve been facing in managing adding time lapse effects and Slo-Mo to any video present in iPhone. If you find something new, please do share it.

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