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How do I Fix HTTP 500 Internal Server Error? Find Useful Tips

We often observe HTTP 500 Internal Server Error. This error actually appears whenever there is some issue with the server of that website/webpage that you’re trying to load. It only gives the idea that server is not functioning as it should for that particular website. But the exact problem can’t be specified by just looking on the error page. Usually a website has option to customize the appearance of HTTP 500 Internet Server Error, so it may appear in different way for different websites. So, don’t get confused by how it look like. Let me quote some most common ways in which this HTTP 500 Internet Server Error can appear on your browser.

500 Internal Server Error

500 Internal Server Error

HTTP 500 Internal Error

HTTP Error 500

HTTP 500 – Internal Server Error

Temporary Error (500)

Internal Server Error

  1. That’s an error

500 Error


These are just examples to give you an idea how this error can appear. Now let’s discuss some most common reasons of this HTTP 500 Internal Server Error. And their Solutions!

Common Causes of HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

If this error appears on server using Microsoft IIS software, it gives more specified information about error. Like HTTP Error 500.19 – Internal Server Error. Error code 500.19 indicated that the configuration data is invalid so your request can’t be processed further. Otherwise, servers which are using some other kind of software, they don’t bother themselves to show some specific details about the occurrence of error. Unlike HTTP 404 Error, this error is very general error having a lot of reasons. Even a tiny issue with coding can cause this error.

Causes of HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

Of course, there are many factors that can cause a problem for server to load a particular webpage. Sever are not that intelligent to instantly analyze and sort out the core reason behind this hurdle in loading a website/webpage. If server detects any problem in loading page, it will respond as HTTP 500 Internal Server Error.  However, Here I’ve have concluded two most basic reasons of this error so far. Which are:

  • Temporary problem with some webpage (at website owner’s side)
  • Site’s programming

Let’s see how we can tackle it. I’ve compiled some useful and handy tips that you can use pass through this.

How to Fix the 500 Internal Server Error

One thing you need to remember is this is server based error. It has nothing to do with your internet connection and likewise. But still there are chances of some issues with your browser or device, causing this error. Let me explain what you can do.

  • i) Try Reloading Web Page

The very first thing that you should do is to reload that webpage, whenever this HTTP 500 Internal Server Error occurs. If there is some issue with your browser or device then it will be solved on reloading webpage. Let me discuss a case with you.

Most of the time when you’re buying something online and you have a slow internet connection at that time. You usually press “Order” button more than one times. Why? Because at first when you hit Order button it takes sometimes to process you order, which could be long depending on your connection speed. So you press enter again to make sure you’ve successfully ordered but in fact you may end up in ordering twice or even thrice. It means doubling or tripling the charges. Taking this thing into account, some websites have set a criteria of to display this HTTP 500 Internal Server Error whenever you press Order button more than one time. So be calm in these situations and let is process. Try reloading after some time.

  • ii) Clear Browser’s Cache

Your browser usually saves some website’s data in cache. If a webpage has recently gone through some changes, it may differ with the existing copy of that page which is saved in cache. So HTTP 500 Internal Server Error will appear. In this case, it’s totally browser based issue. Solution is just reloading that particular webpage.

  • iii)  Clear Cookies

Sometimes clearing cookies data also solves the problem of HTTP 500 Internal Server Error. Though there are very rare chances of this, but I still insist you to give it a try.

  • iv) Contact to Website

Sometimes websites are already aware that there are chances of HTTP 500 Internal Server Error on some of their webpages. So they usually have an alternate way to make them accessible for users. If above methods are not working then you should try this. They will give you an alternate of that.

Fixing HTTP 500 Internal Server Error as a Website Owner

If you want to remove HTTP 500 Internal Server Error from your own website then above mentioned methods are not useful for you. Because here you’re solving it for yourself. You’re solving it for your website visitors. SO you’ve to act accordingly. You should try following:

  • i) Permission Error

Sometimes this error occurs due to incorrect permission or unauthenticated access to some particular files and folders. Obviously, there are some things that are not publically accessible or require a special permission to move ahead.


  • ii) PHP Timeout Error

If resource limited exceeds when your script tries to establish a connection to external resources then this error occurs. You should have set an alternative in this situation so that no HTTP 500 Internal Server Error due to resource limitation.

  • iii) Coding Error in .htaccess

This happens when your website’s .htaccess file is not structured. Well, that is something you have to take care about while launching your website. So be careful in that. Though, management of your website’s content is easy through WordPress etc. But be sure to get more than enough knowledge about WordPress before launching your website. So that you be able to tackle every issue regarding your website.

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