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How to Fix HTTP 404 Page Not Found Error – Simplest Way

404 not found guide: Sometimes, when we browse a website, 404 – page not found error appears. It actually means, the web page you are trying to open is not found on server. It’s a client side error.

404 Pagenot found error

This can put a very negative impact on websites especially for online stores and markets. Like if I’m interested in buying something from an online store but I keep seeing “404 – page not found” error while browsing their site. I won’t even bother to give them another try and move to other online stores. I’m sure you will do the same. So, what? This will defame that store and it will start losing customers gradually. Same case with other traffic dependent websites. This error is something that a website can’t afford.

How to Identify 404 Page Not Found Error?

404 page not found error may have different appearance which vary from website to website. Because the owner of a website can customize appearance of this error. It can also appear in the form of an image in any color and shape, with any of the following words written on

  • 404 page not found
  • Error 404 page not found
  • 404 not found
  • Error 404
  • HHTP error 404
  • Requested URL can’t be retrieved

Possible Reasons of 404 Error

There can be more than one reason of this 404 page not found error. Such as

  • Web page is deleted by owner of that website
  • URL not working accordingly (possibly due to some issue with DNS)
  • You typed incorrect URL

Simplest way to Solve 404 Page not found Problem

Following are some basic step by step tips you can use to solve this 404 error issue.

  • I) Refresh Page

Try refreshing webpage on which this 404 error appears. If I’m not wrong then most of the time 404 page not found error issue can be solved successfully by just refreshing webpage.

  • II) Clear your browser’s cache and cookies

Sometimes your browser has saved a lot of unnecessary data saved in cache and cookies. This burden on browser may cause 404 page not found error. Clear you browser’s cookies and cache and try reloading webpage.

  • III) Check URL you entered

You may have entered wrong URL, may be slightly misspelled. Check URL correct if you find any error.

  • IV) Scan for malware

Certain malware files also cause 404 page not found error. If above tips not working then you should scan your system with some good anti malware software. Make sure your computer is cleaned from all spyware and malwares always.

  • V) Contact Webmaster

Still having issue? Then it’s time to contact webmaster. Contact webmaster and tell them about 404 page not found error. If you have a website then contact your hosting provider.


Advanced Troubleshooting

404 error is really bad for PrestaShop owners. Now I’ll discuss some of the most common causes of 404 page not found error and their solution. Most of the time it’s actually due to .htaccess file

Warning: I don’t recommend to do anything with .htaccess files unless you really know what you’re doing. So you must store a backup of these files incase if you do something wrong you could recover.

Now let’s move ahead with 404 error

  • a) Deleted Pages

There are chances that you’ve deleted pages on your website that are already indexed in search engines. So best thing to do in this situation is to redirect traffic to some other alternate page.

  • b) Permissions

Sometimes 404 page not found error appears with a text “You don’t have permission to view this site”. Well that is something in your and your hosting provider’s hand. You should contact your hosting provider to solve this.

  • c) Memory Limitation

404 error can also be caused due to memory limitation issue with host. If “Fatal error: Out of memory” appears, then certainly its memory issue. Call you hosting provider and ask to increase your memory limit.

  • d) .htaccess Issues

.htaccess is kind of a configuration file on your root folder that redirects and change aspects of your URLs. Regenerating this file can also solve 404 page not found error issue. You can delete it manually using file transfer protocol (FTP) and regenerate it. (Expert help advised).

  • e) Incorrectly Configured SSL Certificate

If you just install SSL certificate and receiving 404 page not found error after that then possible reason of 404 error is incorrect SSL setup. Always make sure that your SSL is connecting with PrestaShop URL in .htaccess files.

  • f) Disabled Mode Re-write

It’s and apqche module for customizing URLs. It’s actually a friendly URL generator. Error 404 can be caused sometime due to enabling or disabling issue with Mode Re-write. Check if its working as it should.

  • g) Wrong Custom URL

If you created a custom URL for your page and started receiving 404 page not found error after that, you may need to check custom URL. There are strong chances that you’ve customized URL incorrectly.


If you still can’t figure out how to solve error 404 after reading and trying all of above mentioned tips, you need a web expert to discuss with. I tried my best to compile all of the possible causes of 404 page not found, but obviously, there will be many hidden causes. You may sort them out by some help from an expert. Wish you luck!

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