Why Should I Clear my Cookies, Browsing History and Cache?

When you access internet on your computer your browser always keep a track of websites you visited. If cookies are enabled then different “cookie” files can be picked up which websites place on your computer. Web browser can also keep copies of the downloaded files, which shows you the numerous websites you’ve been on such as the text, images and codes for a website.

Browser have capacity to save this record for months and it has categorized this stuff in timely order. When you want to clear browser history you’re given the choice of deleting some particular sites, or the history of your last hour on internet, the past day or the whole history at once.

Reason of Removing Cookies, History and Cache of Browser

There is no particular reason of clearing Cookies, browsing history and cache of your browser. But certainly there are many chances when you want to hide your recent use of internet on your computer. Possibly when you opening your email account in public access terminal and you don’t want someone to check your browsing history or the web URLs that you have opened. Clearing is best option in such cases.

Thing to Remember

You should keep in mind that clearing Cookies, browsing history and cache will only erase your browsing from the computer you used. It’s still possible to fetch your internet history record by using Internet Service Provider (ISP), the WiFi point you accessed etc.

A Suggestion

Using a VPN can be very helpful in order to hide you online activities from others. There are many methods of using VPN.

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