How to Install or Update SRware Iron Browser – Complete Guide

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Welcome! If you’re using an older version of SRware Iron web browser, and you want to update it to the latest version or you want to install SRware Iron browser for the first time, then you’re at right place. Keeping your browser up to date is essential for your online security. An outdated browser may impose identity theft or compromise online security. Therefore, keeping your SRware browser up to date is necessary.

Install or Update SRware Iron Browser Step by Step

The procedure to update or install Iron browser is same. Although in some cases, the browser updates itself automatically. But still in some cases, browser is unable to auto-update, it is necessary to learn how to manually update the SRware Iron browser. Let us learn how to install or update my SRware browser with easy to understand steps. Just follow these following steps.

Step 1: Download the Latest Version of SRware Browser and “RUN”

You need to download latest available version of SRware iron browser from its webpage. Once it complete downloading then open the downloaded file and allow it to RUN in your computer/tablet.

Step 2: Start Installation Process from Setup

Installation process will start as soon as you allow it to Run. When it ask for installation destination then brows and locate your SRware iron browser’s folder in Program files of C disk of your computer. Locate and select the folder named “Iron”. Installer will add a sub folder named as “SRWare Iron” to the install path. Then click/tap Next button. To move ahead.

Rememer: If you’re installing SRware iron browser first time then you don’t need to locate previously installed SRware iron browser folder in program files. It will automatically create necessary files.

Then you’ll be asked for confirmation that the folder you just selected already exists. Are you sure to install anyway? Click/tap Yes for confirmation.

Step 3: Keep clicking/taping the button “Next”

(Again! It won’t ask for such confirmations if you’re installing SRware iron browser first time.)

Then an additional and unnecessary “menu folder” will be created in your start menu. You can delete it later as totally unnecessary and of no use to you. Again click/tap Next to move forward with installation procedure.

Then on next window you’ll be asked to select if you want to create Desktop icon and Quick launch icon. Make your choice and move Next.

Now it will start updating your previous (out dated) SRware iron browser.

Step 4: Follow the Instructions to Complete the Installation

At the end, don’t forget to deselect “Launch SRWare Iron” (if you want to start using your browser then you can leave it pre-selected) and you’re done. You’ve successfully updated your SRware iron web browser.

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