How to Update or Install Tor Browser – Onion Guide

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Keeping Tor browser updated is as important as of any web browser. Specially, if you want to install a deep web browser, or what some call a dark web browser, Tor Browser – also called Onion Browser – is an internet browser which mainly focuses on user private browsing and security. It protects users from having their internet history investigated and analyzed.

Update or Install Tor Browser – Step by Step

If you’re a Tor browser user, you might often get a notification to update your Tor browser. Here I’m going to explain you how you can update and install the latest version of Tor browser. Nothing to worry about! Just follow these steps.

Note: – In Tor browser, update and installation have same meaning and procedure.

Step 1: Download Latest Version of Tor from Official Website

First of all open your web browser and download latest version of Tor browser by form their website it will start downloading a zip file. This may take some time (usually some minutes).

Step 2: Unzip the Downloaded file and Start Tor Browser

After it complete downloading, go to your download folder and locate the zip file you just downloaded. Unzip this file and click/tap Start tor browser. Your computer or tablet may ask you for confirmation to run this file in your computer.

Step 3: Allow Tor to Run for Installation

Once you allow it to run, it will start installing the latest version of tor in your system. By default it will install tor browser in C, but you can change the installation folder by browsing another destination location in your computer.

Once it complete installation you’ll be notified. That’s all! Now you can use the latest version of Tor browser.

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