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Teal Color Simple English Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia

Teal Is A Deep Bluegreen Color A Dark Cyan Teal Gets Its Name From The Colored Area Around The Eyes Of The Common Teal A Member Of The Duck Family

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Azure Wiktionary

Verb Azure Thirdperson Singular Simple Present Azures Present Participle Azuring Simple Past And Past Participle Azured To Colour Blue 1907 The

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Azure Color Wikipedia

The Color Azure Ultimately Takes Its Name From The Intense Blue Mineral Lapis Lazuli Lapis Is The Latin Word For Stone And Lazuli Is The Genitive Form Of The

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Champagne Color Simple English Wikipedia The Free

The Color Champagne Is A Name Given For Various Very Pale Tints Of Yellowishorange That Are Close To Beige The Colors Name Came From The Average Color Of The Drink

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Azure Wikipedia

Science And Technology Azure Color A Hue Of Blue Azure Barley A Malting Barley Variety Computing Microsoft Azure A Cloud Computing Platform

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