Remove UC Browser History, Cache and Cookies – Short Answer

You’re going to learn how to clear or Remove UC Browser History, Cache and Cookies. You may wonder how to hide your online activities because the browsing history, cache and cookie data sticks in your browser and can be used to find what you have been visiting.

Don’t worry! You can manually clear all these thing from your UC browser in your android device, Personal Computer or Tablet.

How to Remove UC Browser History, Cache and Cookies – Steps

So let’s start learning how to remove history, cache and cookies in UC Browser. You’ll find this procedure useful for clearing browsing data in both Android devices PC. Actually, there no such a big difference between UC browser for android and Pc or tablet (Except appearance).

Follow these steps carefully!

Step 1: Click/Tap the “Menu” Icon

first of all open your UC browser and click/tap the Menu icon that you can see in the form of “Three horizontal lines” on your UC browser’s homepage (at the bottom of homepage in android devices).

Step 2: Click/Tap on Settings > Clear Records

Now click/tap the Settings icon in Menu. There will be an option of Clear Records when you scroll down the Settings menu.

Step 3: Check the Items you want to Remove

Now you will be asked to check the items that you want to clear/delete from your browser. There are check boxes with each item. Checking an item mean you’re going to clear it from you UC browser. For example if just want to clear browsing history then just check the browsing history checkbox and leave others.

If you want to delete all the browsing history and cache and cookies as well then make sure you checked the boxes of History, cache and cookies. then finally click/tap the Clear button. it will clear browser history, cookies and cache.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully cleared the browsing history, cookies and cache from you UC browser.

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