You need to Remove Malware from Chrome browser: Chrome is in Crisis Again

Chrome users are requested to beware and remove malware from chrome browser. Which is recently launched by some hackers. No doubt, Chrome browser is one of the most famous and excellent browsers. Many times in past hackers tried to infiltrate into Chrome to make it insecure and to defame it. But Google protected it well. Google always remove malware from chrome browser in most efficient and effective ways. Recently again a report published about a new threat of the hackers. Which is becoming famous with the name of  “The HoeflerText’ Font Wasn’t Found” malware. Let’s get some info about this malware!
remove malware from chrome

 What is this new malware?

So the problems starts when chrome user visit a website having virus script. This website will be unreadable by your chrome browser. Now hacker gets a chance to make a pop up message which will appear to your screen. This pop up message will be showing  “The HoeflerText’ font wasn’t found”. Now chrome user will be asked to download an application in order to solve this problem. (This is a trap! don’t ever download such applications)

This is how it looks like!
remove malware from chrome

One thing you need to remember that this message will appear to both windows and mac chrome users. Unluckily, if chrome user ‘ll be having a bad day then he will fall into trap of hacker and download that application (with the name of Chrome language pack). Game over! Malware is ready to install itself in chrome.  And Guess what make this malware more dangerous? Answer is here! Even your windows defender won’t be able to recognize it. NeoSmart technologies identified this malware. Further details about this malware are available HERENow the issue is how to remove malware from chrome.  These are some suggestions


If you see any such message when you visit a particular website (specially unfamiliar websites) then simply ignore this message and quit the site. You may not find that pop up message suspicious because it has chrome logo and blue update button as well. And if you click update button then Chrome Font v7.5.1.exe’ will appear on it. (hacker dudes are smart). Although the net damage of this malware and process to remove malware from chrome is still not available officially. I advice you Do Not click any such pop up message while using chrome browser. And if you already have installed that so called language pack yesterday or some days back then It’s requested that Please scan your computer with some good antivirus and reinstall your chrome browser.

Disclaimer: This is not an official solution and i’m not guaranteeing the removal of this malware by doing so. It’s just a suggestion. You better contact to the chrome help center in order to remove malware from chrome!

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