You Gonna Change Your Android Browser After Reading This!

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Cyanogemod browser just brought it enhanced version, called as Pyrope Browser for android. It’s becoming surprisingly famous due to it’s cool features and smooth running. If you buy a new smartphone no matter of which brand, it comes with a pre-installed web browser. You also have a lot of other optional web browsers freely available in playstore. Such as Google chrome, Firefox, UC browser, Opera mini etc. You can choose any of them which suite you best. So when you already have such a great number of browser then why you even need to try this Pyrope ? Let’s have an intro of Pyrope browser and find the answer of this WHY!

Pyrope Browser for android

Why Pyrope Browser?

Highly user friendly environment along with cool features and smooth running of this chromium based browser highlight it among other browsers. Additional features which are pride of Pyrope browser for android are listed as:

  • Ad blocking
  • Background audio playback
  • Text rewrapping etc.
  • Edge navigation

Let’s discuss installation procedure of Pyrope browser for android.


You must be running Android 5.0 or higher

Then you need to install Pyrope Browser from playstore and configure its setting according to your choice.

Enjoy Pyrope Browser for Android

Now you’re ready to go with your new Pyrope browser. Enjoy safe and fast browsing with super cool features.

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