Learn to Download Puffin Web Browser for Android & iPhone/iPad

What is Puffin Web Browser

Download puffin web browser and enjoy high speed web surfing. It’s wicked fast! puffin browser is available for android in google play and for iPhone in App store . It’s a mobile browser which is famous for high speed browsing. it has many user friendly features which makes web browsing in mobile even more awesome.

download puffin web browser

puffin web browser

How to Download Puffin Web Browser ?

Puffin web browser is available in for you in google play store and iPhone/iPod app store. it also includes adobe flash in cloud. it means you don’t have to manually install adobe flash after installing puffin browser. you can play games and watch videos with incredible speed with cloud based flash plugin. that’s just more than awesome.

Download puffin for Android

if you’re using android smartphone or tablet then tap/click This Button. It will take you direct to download puffin option in play store. install it and enjoy thrilling speed internet on your smartphone or tablet. Already 371,562 users have installed puffin browser for android and enjoying high speed internet with puffin. It’s best for playing online games and videos on your smartphone or tablet.

Download Puffin for iPhone/iPod/iPad

Puffin is also available for iPhone or iPod users in their app-store. All you need to do is tap This Button. It will take you to the page where you could download puffin browser for your iPhone, iPod or iPad. It has following incredible features

  • Thrilling Loading Speed
  • Adobe Flash support over cloud 24/7
  • Download to Cloud (Up to 1G per file)
  • Adjustable Flash quality
  • Virtual Gamepad
  • Fastest JavaScript Engine
  • Full Web Experience (including both Desktop view and mobile view)
  • Incognito tab for private browsing (it will not save your browsing history)
  • Synchronize Chrome bookmarks automatically

Download puffin browser and enjoy these incredible features. Have fun!

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