This New Private Web Browser can give a tough time to Chrome and Firefox | Check details here

Today we’ll discuss about a new private web browser which can be hard to tackle for Chrome and others. When it comes to web browser we usually the names like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari etc. appear on our minds. We all know about a huge shift of internet users from desktops to mobile devices. This shifting also alarmed desktop browsers so they developed their Android and iOS versions as well. But these mobile versions are not as successful as their desktop forefathers. There could be many reasons for that, including the new competition field.

Development of android gave chances to many other third party browser to try their luck in mobile devices. Surprisingly it became a golden chance for many third party mobile browser. Many of them now giving hard time to Chrome and Firefox. Here i’ll discuss about a new private browser which may knock Chrome and Firefox out from smartphone browser competition. It could be a market king in coming future.
I’m talking about Dolphin browser.

Dolphine Web Browser

Dolphin Browser– A new Private web browser for smartphones

Cool thing about dolphin browser it have always been focusing on improving mobile browsing experience. It’s hard working on its sole purpose made it best browser of many Android and iOS users. In words of Dolphin developers

free, fast, smart and personal web browser for iPhone and iPad” and “the best browser for Android.

Cool Features of Dolphin browser

Dolphin has many important features which make it extraordinarily best private web browser among Android and iOS users. Let’s have a look on it’s features

  • Built-in ad/pop-up blockers
  • Private browsing mode (no history record)
  • Speed dial (for oftenly used websites)
  • Multiple tabs
  • Theme support
  • Night mode
  • Full screen mode
  • No image mode
  • Desktop mode.
    And most important as well as my favorite one is
  • Gesture feature

A you can many of above mentioned feature like night mode, o image mode, build-in adblocker etc are only available in Dolphin browser. These features actually played a decent role in making Dolphin a best private web browser. Now let’s see what is Gesture feature of Dolphin.

This feature allows you to draw an image like a pencil art in special panel. This image or art is actually is your search input. Dolphin will examine this image and show you the output search results.

For example if you draw the letter “G” then Dolphine will show you results associated with letter G. Most probably it’ll open Google on this G input. That’s how it works and became best private web browser. Isn’t it much cooler than your browser ? 🙂

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