Does Firefox browser Violate User’s personal information security Policy? Think Twice

German newspaper Deutschlandfunk published a report and claimed that Firefox browser penetrates in user’s personal information security. This accusation was made when a German security researcher Peter Welchering interviewed by the Deutschlandfunk newspaper. They further explained,

user’s data is collected by the feature of  “Send anonymous usage data” (which is enabled by default in Firefox browser). Some of this data is not anonymized and includes personal user details.

personal information security in firefox

Mozilla’s words about User’s personal information security

After publishing that report, many Firefox users started thinking about their un-secure browsing. To counter this issue Mozilla’s spokesperson recently denied  this report and considered it a propaganda against Firefox. Mozilla further explained,

When Firefox is installed at first, the application sends an anonymous “attribution” request to the adjust servers. This request tells how the application was downloaded. For example, whether it was downloaded directly via the App Store or through a marketing campaign link. The data includes an advertising ID, IP address, timestamp, country, language/locale, operating system and app version.

Firefox will also report what features of the application are being used. It will send an anonymous report containing the specific filters being selected and count how many times the search, browse and erase button is pressed.

Mozilla has nothing to hide!  The only detail that can fall under user’s personal information security issue is IP address (at installation time). Rest of the data has nothing to do with user’s privacy. Mozilla also mentioned that the report itself has many factual errors. Mozilla says.

“To deliver great products for our users, we need to understand how our product is working and how successful we are. The Adjust SDK allows us to measure installations and interactions with the browser”

Previously mozilla disclosed about its data collection practices. There are two research based claims are publicized so far against Firefox’s violation of user’s personal information security policy. But none of them succeeded to prove their claim, Firefox remain unguilty!


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