Do you know about new Microsoft edge features that are coming to your edge browser?

Microsoft is working on some new and cool updates. These microsoft edge features will make this browser more convenient and user friendly. I’m not sure but it’s most probably that the new update of windows 10 (having new version of edge browse) will bring these features to you. Here i’ve listed 5 top features that are going to be the part of edge browser’s next browser. Let’s get some info about these features!

microsoft edge features

i) Tab preview bar

A new expandable bar will be added to your edge browser that will show a preview of open tabs. Tab preview bar will be in the form of a small arrow button right next to your currently opened tab. The main advantage of this update is you don’t need to waste your time by checking each tab that  you’ve opened. Preview button probably going to allow you to have a glance at all opened tab at once and open or close any tab you want.

ii) Set tabs aside

If you’re doing some research work then surely you have to open too many tabs to find you required contents. But at the same time you’re irritated by having a lot of tabs opened. If that’s your case then you gonna love this new Microsoft edge feature. This feature actually allows you to put you opened tab aside. Tabs that your will put aside will not show in tab bar. But you can access them anytime by clicking on set tab aside button (at left side of your currently opened tab).

iii) New taskbar options

Need to open a new window ? Microsoft is going to add two new button; 1. To open new window and 2. To open new private window in taskbar menu. All you need to do is double click or swipe up (for touch screen) edge icon  in taskbar and press your required button. You’ll see these microsoft edge features in updated version of edge.

iv) Give Flash the Heisman

As you all know the problems associated with Flash in terms of security and reliability. New microsoft edge features will allow you to disable of enable flash for the sites which still use flash.

v) Edge as book reader

This feature is specially for students and teachers and for everyone who loves reading ebooks. Edge is introducing a Book tab in new versions. You’ll be able to buy books online from windows store and can view and read books from your library in books tab. You”ll be directly linked to windows store to buy books. More ever you can also ask Edge to read aloud to you. Isn’t it smart?

I guess you surely going to love these new microsoft edge features!

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