Latest version of Opera browser load web pages 13% Faster Than Ever

In a recent release opera announced that the latest version of opera will have faster webpage loading than all previous versions. New version will also equip with Profile Guided Optimization (PGO). PGO is a Visual Studio compiler feature that makes software running on Windows even more faster. New features and updates  were only aimed to make opera a super fast browser than ever.

latest version of opera

Krystian Kolondra (Head of Opera for computers) said:

Web browsers must have to evolve faster in order to keep up with people’s expectations. Previously, we sped up the Opera browser with features like native ad-blocking, page-load speed optimization, and faster start-up. Now in this latest version of opera, with instant page loading, we are giving it another boost. It will squeeze loading time almost to zero.

Prediction Based Background Search

A mechanism is added in new version which will predict what address you typing. On the bases of intelligent prediction it will start loading web page in background even before you hit/press enter button. Let’s understand this by an example: I guess you often visit Facebook, so in new version if you often visit then Opera’s mechanism will detect it. Next time when you start typing “Face…..” opera will start loading in background even before you finish typing the whole word. Isn’t it smarter than ever ?

In addition it will also predict about the every new word you type in address bar. And will load pages in background  that are likely to be clicked. It’s going to be a revolution if it’ll work as Opera is claiming. Let’s see!

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