How to Stop HTML5 Audio Player in your Browser

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Many times when you visit a website, some audio or mp3 sound automatically starts playing, which is due to HTML5 audio player. That is pretty annoying, especially when you don’t want any kind of distraction of or disturbance. Sometimes you’re in office, doing some kind of research work and suddenly a loud advertisement sound start playing in a website you just opened. I personally hate this automatic playing feature that is being used by a lot of many websites. But as every problem has a solution, I figured out a way to stop these HTML5 audio player based audios. Now i’ll discuss the procedure of stopping HTML5 audio player based audios in different browsers.

HTML5 audio player

How to Stop Audios in Google Chrome

Follow this step by step procedure to stop HTML5 audio player based audio in Google chrome browser:

  • Open your Google chrome browser
  • Go to Menu and then Settings
  • Go to Current Settings
  • There will be a Notification header. The websites for which you’ve allowed automatic media playing are listed here.
  • If you don’t want any site to play HTML5 audio player based automatic audios then simply check the option of Do not allow any site to show notifications. You can also make exception such that allowing these automatic audios for some websites you want to block all others. That’s all upto your choice.

How to Stop Audios in Mozilla Firefox

Follow this step by step procedure to stop HTML5 audio player based audio in your firefox browser:

  • Open Main Menu and then choose Options
  • Now select Contents
  • Now you’re given with the sites that are allowed to automatically play media. You can make your choices here.
  • If you want to stop all of the automatic audio/video mess then just select Do not disturb me box. But this method will disable audio notifications for current session.
  • For completely disabling HTML5 audio player based audios, Type “about:config” in address bar of Firefox and enter. Locate dom.webnotifications.enabled and alter it to False by double clicking. You’re done!

What to Do upon Sudden Play of an Audio ?

Suppose you’re working in you office and suddenly some audio started playing then obviously you don’t have time to go into settings and follow above steps. You just want it to stop Right Now. Don’t worry I have solution for this too. In this situation you have two options:

  1. Just press the mute button
    It’s the simplest and easiest way for stopping any kind of voice emerging from your system. But it will only disable speakers. Media will keep playing in background.
  2. Mute Tab option
    This option is for disabling audio on a website by right clicking on Tab header and then selecting “Mute Tab”. Pretty efficient way to disable all of the voice being played in website opened in this tab.

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