Download & Update UC Browser Latest Version – Step by Step Guide

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It’s highly recommended for you to download or update UC browser latest version immediately. UC browser is a very famous internet browser having more than 400 million users around the globe. UC browser is available for almost all operating platforms like Android, PC or Tablet, and it also supports many languages as well.

update uc browser

It means you can download and install UC browser for Windows, Android and iPhone. Understanding the issue, we’ve tried to all the aspact in single article i.e. how to update UC browser in PC, update UC browser in Android or update UC browser in iPhone.

UC Browser Updates Automatically

Like all other famous web-browser, UC browser also updates to the latest version automatically. It is updated automatically:

  1. Whenever the update is available by UC manufacturers
  2. And your internet is working

Download UC Browser for PC if you Don’t Have One

However, at times due to some issues like bugs or malware in your Operating System or browser, it does not auto-updates itself. In this case, users are required to manually update their UC browser.

How to Update UC Browser Manually

Updating UC Browser is very simple, easy and secure. Keeping your UC Browser updated lets your login and other confidential information safe and secure. It is very less chance for an Updated UCBrowser to let others breach your system. Although like other browser, UC also auto-update itself.

However, if it is for any reason not updating automatically, or you accidentally have disabled auto update option, you can still manually update your UC Browser for your Computer, Smartphone or iPhone, or fix the problem. So now I’m going to guide you how you can update your UC browser to its latest version for your android and PC/Tablet.

Step 1: Open UC Browser and navigate to “Menu” > “Tools”

Open UC browser in your device. Then tap/click on Menu and go to Tools.

Step 2: Click or Tap the “Update” Icon

If you’re using android device then you can easily see Update icon in Tools menu. Click/tap this icon and your android device will start looking for updates. if there is some latest version available then it will ask for your permission to install these updates in order to update UC browser to the latest version.

If you’re using Personal Computer or Tablet, then open Tools. you’ll see a link or button highlighting check for updates (appearance of update link or button may change depending on your device or UC version you’re using currently).

It’ll start checking for new versions of UC browser once you click/tap update button.

Step 3: Finally, Wait for the Update to be Download & Install

If current version of UC browser is already the latest one, then it’ll show a notification that your “UC browser is up to date“. Otherwise, it will start downloading and installing the latest version of UC browser. So, that’s how you can update UC browser for your android device, computer or tablet.

Download UC Browser App for Android

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