How to Update Safari in PC

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You’re using iPad other Mac OS device and your safari is out of date? You don’t need to worry because here I’m going to guide you the step by step procedure of updating Safari browser.

Safari can auto update itself

Safari browser can automatically check and install available updates whenever there will be a latest update available to install. This user friendly feature saves Mac users from irritation of manually checking and installing updates of safari browser.

You’ll be prompted whenever latest updates are available to install.

Manually Checking and Installing Updates in Safari

However, if you want to manually update your safari browser then follow these following steps.

Step 1: Navigate to “Software Updates” Option

Open your safari browser. You can see menu bar at the top of browser screen. Click or tap on the “Apple Sign” there. It will show a drop down menu list where you can see “Software Update” at second number, Click/tap this.

This will automatically lead you to App store and lead you to “Updates” section.

Step 2: Select “Update” Option to Install Updates

Here you’ll be shown with all available updates available for your system.

If you select “Update” option, then it will install all the available updates for all system software and applications of your computer.

If you select “Update All” then it will update all system software and applications and third party updates as well.

Remember: you may need to restart your computer depending upon requirements of some software. This can also change behavior of software functions when you update it.

If you just want to update safari browser then click/tap blue colored “More” button. This will show all the system application and let you choose among them that you want to update.

Now Safari will start updating. It can take some minutes depending upon speed of your internet connection.

Step 3: Confirm “Updates installed in the Last 30 Days”

Now you’ve successfully updated your Safari browser. You can see it in section of “Updates installed in the Last 30 Days”

Normally App store always looks for updates and notify you to install whenever any update is available. If due to some reason it doesn’t show, then use above mentioned method to update your safari browser.

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