Should I Update Microsoft Internet Explorer?

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IMPORTANT:  You should be aware that from January 12, 2016 Microsoft is no longer supporting all versions of Internet Explorer except version 11. Using older versions can also cause security risks in your computer. We don’t recommend to use these versions because these all are obsolete versions now (except Internet Explorer 11)  Click Here For Further Details.

RECOMMENDATION: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 11 are the only versions of Windows which supports Internet Explorer 11. If you’re using some other version of windows such as windows vista, windows XP etc. Then you should take this matter into note.

We suggest you to switch to Microsoft’s new web browser known as Microsoft Edge.

Anyways, if you really want to use internet explorer then you can download it from here Click here to download Internet Explorer 11.

Older versions of internet explorer also available to download from here Internet Explorer Versions. If you using older versions of windows then you can download and install older versions of Internet Explorer from above link.

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