How to Update Mozilla Firefox

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So here we’re going to learn how to update Firefox web browser.

Mozilla Firefox can auto update itself

Luckily, Mozilla Firefox can automatically update itself like Google Chrome. It regularly checks for updates and whenever an update is available it download and install it. This facility saves users from headache of manually checking and installing update in Firefox.

Firefox is not automatically updating???

If your Firefox browser is not automatically updating itself then there could be many reasons for this. Most common reasons are

  • You computer’s fire wall is preventing Firefox from auto updating
  • Auto updating is disabled in your Firefox (may be accidentally)
  • You employer has blocked Firefox from auto updating

If you have any of these issue then please resolve it as soon as possible. Because it can cause your online security risk. Especially if you are using any login facility, you are really in problem with outdated browser.

How to Update Firefox?

Now we’ll see how we can manually trigger Firefox to check and install updates. Follow these steps carefully!

Step 1: Open Firefox “Menu”

First of all, you need to open you Firefox browser and click/tap its “menu”. You’ll see “About Firefox” there. Click/Tap it.

Step 2: Check for Available Updates

Once you open “About Firefox”, Firefox will automatically start checking for available updates. If there is any update available then firefox will notify you and ask for you permission to download and install that update.

Step 3: Updating Firefox

Now Firefox will start updating itself and after finishing it will make these changes and you’ll be asked to restart your Firefox browser. After restarting, you’ll be using latest and updated version of Firefox web browser.

That’s it. You’ve successfully updated your Firefox browser. Enjoy!

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