How to Install Adobe Flash Player in Yandex Browser – Step by Step

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Install Flash in Yandex Browser: Flash players is necessary to watch videos and discover many other applications in web browsers. Adobe Flash player is required to be installed in your Yandex browser as well like other web browsers. Although Yandex.Browser uses Adobe Flash Player in NPAPI format by default and it does not need to specially install the plugin. But to make your browser safer and securer, you can install PPAPI format of Adobe Flash Player together with the browser.

Install Flash in Yandex Browser

Here we’re going to show you the procedure of installing Adobe Flash Player in your Yandex browser.

Step 1: Visit Adobe Webpage Online at:

First of all, you need to visit official website of Adobe. Click/tap this link  there will be a button of “Install Now” in lower right corner. Click or tap this button

Step 2: Downloading and Installation the Setup file

It will start downloading the Installer. Now once it complete downloading then open downloaded file. System security will ask for your permission in order to allow this file to make changes in your computer/tablet. Click “Run” if you want to proceed.

Once it complete installation then it will start downloading “Flash” for your Yandex browser. It may take some time depending upon your internet connection. Meanwhile, you can resume your work you were doing.

Step 3: Open Yandex browser and enable “Flash”

Once it completes then open your Yandex browser. You’ll be prompted to enable Flash in your Ynadex browser. Click/tab Enable button. And you’re done!

That’s all! Flash player is successfully installed in your Ynadex web browser.

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