Learn to Enable JavaScript in Different Browsers – A Complete JS Guide

Enable JavaScript in different browsers like enable/disable JavaScript (JS) in Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox with easy to understand step by step guide.

To make web pages functional for specific purposes, enable JavaScript in your browser. JavaScript is a Scripting programming language and framework that runs on user’s web browser end. JS language is used by developers to add some functionality in HTML webpages.

Learn how to Enable JavaScript

Just like CSS could be used to add some styles in the webpage, JS is used to allows websites to have a bit of interactivity built into them such as allow things to move on the page. For example, if JavaScript is not enable, or its disabled in your Browser, the webpage with ads like AdSense or any other script based ad will not be displayed on page. But this is not the only implication, lets learn a bit more about JavaScript.

JavaScript is not Essential, but Important

However, JavaScript is not something essential for any html based web-page to function. Many of the webpage may work without JS enabled in the browser even. But many may not work properly when JavaScript is disabled in any browser used to open that webpage. As many of the websites won’t work properly (or at all) without JavaScript, so from the following, you can learn how to enable JS in respective browser.

why we need JavaScript

NOTE: Please note that the JavaScript has nothing to do with Java. Java is an Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) language, whereas JavaScript is a scripting language. And there is nothing similar between them except their names.

List of Browsers to Enable JavaScript in them

The process of making JavaScript enable in different browsers is different. For example, if you know how to enable JS in Chrome, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can enable JS in Firefox using the same method of same steps. This is because UI of the browser ‘A’ is not same with browser the ‘B’. So, let us learn every how to enable JS in every notable browser from the following list of links.

Detail Introduction to JavaScript

As mentioned before, JavaScript is a Scripting language made to add some functionality in webpages. JavaScript is not Java. Java is entirely different from JavaScript, let not the names confuse you. Now as we know that JavaScript is not Java, then what it is exactly?

Use of JavaScript

What is JavaScript? Programing language of the web! When we say that it is a programing language of the web, we mean that it is the language we use to program the web, that is make it do what you want. It creates interactivity. That means that anytime you click, drag, tap, swap, etc. anytime you interact with something on a webpage. Generally speaking, it’s going to involve JS in some way.

Although it is not always the true specially with some of the more advanced interactions we have in CSS in modern browsers. However, JS is most commonly used for front end development. It means that any kind of programing that happens in any web browser, be it Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera.

But increasingly, you will also see that Java Script is used in back-end development through technologies such as “.js” and the like. Hence, JS is used for any kind of programming on the web.

Some Examples for the Use of JS

It is very hard to find any website that do not use JavaScript these days. If you don’t believe that, try disabling JavaScript in your browser (Learn how to disable JS in your browser) and see what happens.

For example, if you look at Facebook, most of its part is controlled by JavaScript. When you update your status, whenever news feed refreshes, change your settings in fb, it all over the place. Same is the case with Twitter. If you disable the JavaScript and start your twitter account, you will see the infinite scrolling doesn’t work. If you really want to see, check it yourself.

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