4 Steps to Enable JavaScript on Android – JS Browser Page

To enable JavaScript in Android, Open Browser > Menu > Settings > Advance Settings > finally select “Enable JavaScript” or “Disable JavaScript” step by step. Enable JavaScript on Android: Android phones and other android devices already have JavaScript enabled. But if you accidentally messed up with the settings of your android then don’t worry. Here I’m going to guide you how you can enable JavaScript in your android phone.

Enable JavaScript on Android Phone –  Simple Steps

Just follow these given steps.


Step 1: Click/tap Three Dot Icon or Press Menu Button


First of all, open your browser and tap the 3-dot icon you can see at upper right side of your browser’s home page.

Step 2: Click or tap “Settings” option


After tapping that icon a menu list will appear. There will be a “Settings” option in there. Tap this “Settings” option.

Step 3: Navigate to “Advance” Settings


This will open your browser’s setting options. Then go to “Advanced” settings. Advanced settings will further show you settings related to JavaScript, websites etc.

Step 4: Check the box Next to “Enable JavaScript”


If JavaScript is already enabled in your android, then box next to “Enable JavaScript” will be checked with a tick mark. It if it unchecked then press the box. It will be checked.

That’s all. JavaScript is now enabled in your android device’s browser.

If you don’t use web browser of android rather you use chrome or Firefox, then don’t worry because you can enable JavaScript on these browsers as well by just following the same above mentioned steps. Enjoy!

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