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Enable JavaScript in Opera, Go to Opera Tab > Navigate to Settings > Allow/Disallow the JavaScript > Restart your Opera Browser to enable/disable JS in Opera. This step by step guide is for those who disabled JavaScript (JS) in Opera, and now are looking how to enable JavaScript in opera browser. No matter which version of Opera you are using, the procedure to enable/disable JS is very simple and easily understandable. Just open your opera browser in PC or Smartphone, and follow these following simple steps in order to turn the JavaScript in your opera browser on.

Step to Enable JavaScript in Opera

Step 1: Go to Opera “Menu” Tab


You can see “Opera (Menu)” tab at the top of your browser screen when you open opera browser. Click/Tap on this tab.

Step 2: Navigate to Settings



Then click/tap on setting menu items that you can see under opera tab. Then click websites items on left side of window pane.

Step 3: Allow/Disallow the JavaScript


Now you can easily see settings of JavaScript. There are two options of allowing all websites to run JavaScript or disallowing websites to run JavaScript. You need to select allow JavaScript option.

Allowing JavaScript is recommended by browser by default.

Here you have another option like chrome browser that if you want to disallow some exceptional sites to run JavaScript then you can do this as well. You can also make choice of allowing JavaScript to some exceptional sites while disallowing rest of all. It shows user friendly behavior of opera browser.

Step 4: Restart your Opera Browser

Now close the settings window and restart your opera browser. Congratulation, you have successfully enabled JavaScript in your opera browser.

Hope you find this guide helpful!

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