How to Enable JavaScript in Mozilla Firefox – Answer

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Enable JavaScript in Mozilla Firefox: Here you’ll learn to allow or block JS on certain websites Firefox browser. Open Firefox > Tools > Options (on PC)/Preferences (on Mac) > Content tab and click Enable JavaScript.

Enable JavaScript in Firefox: Enabling JavaScript in your Firefox browser is not as difficult as you thinking right now. Just follow the given simple and straight forward steps to enable/disable JS and get your work done in few minutes.

In modern versions of Firefox some advances settings are moved to different locations in browser and are no longer accessible from main “Setting” menu. But that’s not going to be an issue if you carefully follow these following steps.

Step by Step Guide on How to Enable JavaScript in Firefox

Step 1: Type “about:config” in the Firefox Address


First of all, type about:config in the address bar of Firefox. The same address bar where you put URL to open any website. Press the enter key after typing about:config. You do not need to put https:// or anything else like you put while entering address of any website.

Step 2: Click or Tap the “I accept the risk” button


This about:config can be used to mess up with settings of Firefox so you must have to be careful with it. Firefox will ask you for confirmation after you press enter key. Click or Tap the “I accept the risk” button there in order to go forward.

Step 3: Type “JavaScript” in the Search Bar


Now there will be a search bar and a list of advanced setting options in front of your eyes. You need to type “JavaScript” in that search space. This will locate your required setting that you need to change. After typing “JavaScript” you can see that the setting items are reduces in screen and only JavaScript based settings are appearing.

Step 4: Right click/tap on the “False” option


I am strongly sure that you can see “javascript.enabled” in these settings. If JavaScript is disabled in your browser, then this setting will appear in bold text. Because the default setting for “javascript.enabled” is true. Now right click/tap on the “False” option. A small drop down window will appear. Now click/tap on “Toggle” option and “False” will change to “True”. In case you have not noticed, the entire line is no longer bold.


JavaScript is now enabled in your Firefox browser. I hope that was simple for you to understand. If you still don’t have any idea what was just happened then you don’t need to worry about it because, JavaScript is already enabled and you are not going to do this daily. It’s a one-time job.

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