Learn How to Enable Cookies in Internet Explorer – Step by Step

Proper rendering of webpages require cookies to be enabled in your browser. Here You’ll learn how to enable cookies in internet explorer web browser. This process is helpful for disabling cookies because there may be some cookies that you want to disable or block. We will also discuss the different options that you have in dealing with cookies.

how to enable cookies in internet explorer

how to enable or disable cookies in internet explorer

How to Enable Cookies in Internet Explorer?

Procedure is so simple and easy. Just follow these following steps.

Step 1: Open Internet Explorer

Open your internet explorer and click/tap the Tools button. Then click/tap the Internet Options in tools menu.

Step 2: Open Privacy tab

Once you click/tap Internet Options it will will open a window with different tabs. Here you need to go to the Privacy tab. In privacy tab you’ll be given with different options related to the enabling and disabling of cookies. A slider will be shown. moving the slider up and down will disable or enable cookies in your internet explorer.

Step 3: Adjust Slider position

There are certain levels of slider’s motion. Let’s discuss this in a but details in a top to bottom perspective!

  1. Peak position of slider  means cookies from all websites will entirely be blocked.
  2. This position highlights that the cookies from those websites that do not have a compact privacy policy will be blocked. It will also block cookies that saves your contact informations.
  3. If slider will be on position 3 then cookies from 3rd party websites will be blocked. (It won’t block cookies from sites which you often visit).
  4. Position 4 is default setting. It will block 3rd party cookies that saves informations that can be used to contact you without any implicit consent.
  5. position 5 will also block 3rd party cookies with a bit difference from position 4 that it restricts websites from saving your contact informations. it will only block cookies from sites which don’t have any compact privacy policy.
  6. If you just want to Enable Cookies From All Websites then this is your suitable option. It’ll allow all kinds of cookies from all websites.

Step 4: Done

Set the position of slider at suitable point and click/tap Apply button. Your job is done!

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