How to Enable/Disable Cookies in Mozilla Firefox Browser

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Every website uses set of data called Cookies to track your browser’s preferences when you visit it. You can enable/disable Cookies in your browser (like Mozilla Firefox) any time you like. You can also change cookie settings of your Firefox web browser, whether you’re using PC or web supported mobile phone such as Smartphone or iPhone. This guide is for you if you’re looking how to enable cookies in Firefox browser. Follow these steps carefully in order to enable cookies in your Firefox.

Step 1: Click or Tap the Menu button

Click or tap on the menu button on upper side of browser’s screen. It will open different icon for different options related to Firefox browser.

Step 2: Access Setting through Gear Icon showing “Preferences” or “Options”

There will be a gear icon showing “Settings” or “Preferences”. For Mac OS it will be preferences and for windows OS it will be “Options”.  Open it. However, in the latest versions of Firefox browser, users are required to access “Privacy” panel and Set Firefox will: to Use custom settings for history.

Step 3: Access “Privacy” panel and Approach “Firefox will:” drop down

Now setting screen will appear. There will be “Privacy” option in setting menu. This will open further sensitive settings of your Firefox browser.

Step 4: Set Firefox will: to Use custom settings for history

Cookies settings are placed in browser history settings. You need to change history settings as well if you want to change cookies settings.

There will be three options.

Select “Remember history” option if you want to enable cookies in your browser. This will save all of your browser history as well. If you don’t want your history to be saved then don’t select this.

Use “Never remember history” if you want to disable cookies in Firefox. It will not save browser history as well (good for private browsing).

“Use custom settings for history” allows you to customize your cookies and history preference.

Step 5: Mark “Accept cookies from sites” to enable cookies

After choosing appropriate option simply close this tab and resume your browsing. Your desired settings are already saved in Firefox. Enjoy!

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