Google to Launch 28% Faster Chrome Update – Is it True?

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Yes its true! Latest version of Google’s Chrome v56, is said to be fastest and more secure browser as compared to previous versions.

Google Chrome New Version56 Update

Google has affirmed to unveil Google Chrome Version 56. According to reports, the latest version of most dear web browser is 28% faster than the previous versions. Although the biggest names in browser industry includes Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, however, in past few months, the browsers are getting more and more competitive. This is the reason why UC Browser is also getting high popularity in mobile phones especially.

Observing the competitive threat, Google has, surprisingly launched Chrome version 56, and reports suggest that browsing master is also going to unveil upgraded version 57 on the beta. Nevertheless, the secret behind the latest desktop version of Google Chrome is in its reloading. The behavior of the browser has been changed when it validates the information after it is reloaded.

Takashi Toyoshima wrote on Google’s Chromium blog yesterday,

When reloading a page, browsers will check with the web server if cached resources are still usable, a process known as validation,

He added,

This typically results in hundreds of network requests per page issued to dozens of domains. On mobile devices, the high latency and transient nature of mobile connections mean that this behavior can produce serious performance issues.

With the inclusion of 51 different security fixes for the Windows, macOS and Linux Oss, Chrome is not only runs fast, but going to be securer than that of its previous versions. And lucky us, who use other browser along with Chrome, Google is also working with both Facebook and Mozilla to form the faster validation behavior.

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