Do you know why Flash Player in Chrome causes Problems? Here’s the Reason

Flash Player in Chrome causes Problems

No doubt, flash has been a problem since long time. Flash player in chrome browser also raised many issues in older versions (before Chrome 55). Actually Flash is a platform which delivers text along with vector graphics. Audio video streaming is assisted in Flash. It can also captures keyboard and mouse inputs.  Major negative aspects related to the Flash are:

  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Slow web page loading
  • More battery drainage

These issues are really serious specially if we talk security vulnerabilities in Flash. As being a world’s leading web browser, Google Chrome couldn’t allow this at all. That’s why Chrome browsers with enabled flash sometime cause issues in web Surfing. Google took some serious steps to relief its users from problems of flash player in chrome .

Flash Player in Chrome

How Google tackled the Problems of Flash Player in Chrome ?

To counter the problems raised by Flash, Google introduced a tool in 2011 which converts the Flash to HTML5. It was first time when someone took serious actions to counter Flash. HTML5 became defaults  for chrome after December 2016 (I started coming pre enabled from chrome’s 56th version).

Although this was a nice step but the Question that is being raised are

  1. How google will handle the sites and web contents which still use Flash ?
  2. Are these sites and contents entirely going to be blocked by Google or there will be some other way to handle this ?

Sometimes when you try to open a site or content which requires flash your chrome browser asks in a pop-up notification if you want to enable flash. If you affirm it then chrome will enable flash for that particular site or content.

Now Chrome has become a bit more smarter, they introduced a concept of  Site Engagement Index (SEI). It’s actually a metric which ranges from 0 to 100 and it measures user’s interaction with a particular website. if your interaction with a particular sites is lower then your SEI will drop near to zero. so if that particular site requires you to enable flash then chrome will ask you by  pop-ups window. And if your SEI for a website is high then whenever this requires you to enable flash then there will be no pop-up and Flash content will remain blocked. So you’ve to figure out some other way to open (Flash based) contents. That’s how the problems of flash player in chrome are being tackled.

Do you want to check your SEI ? Go to  “chrome://site-engagement/” in your browser’s bar.


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