How to Enable or Disable Cookies in Yandex Browser

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Cookies can also be enabled or disabled manually like JavaScript in Yandex browser. Follow these steps for managing cookies in your Yandex browser.

Step by Step to Enable Cookies in Yandex

Step 1: Go to “Settings” Option

Click or tap the Options button at right side of browser’s window. A list of several options related to your Yandex browser will appear. Find “Settings” option there and click/tap on it. It will take you to Settings menu.

Step 2: Navigate to “Advances Settings”

You can see Advanced Settings option in Settings menu. Open it. Now you’re seeing some specific privacy related settings of your Yandex browser.

There will an option of Content Settings under Privacy section in “advanced settings” menu. Open it.

Step 3: Now please Open “Cookie Files”

Once you click/tap Content Settings then option of “Cookie files”. Here you can make necessary changes related to the enabling and disabling of Cookies in your Yandex browser.

You’ll be given with four options related to cookies.

  1. Allow local data to be set”. This is recommended option it will enable cookies for all sites in your Yandex browser.
  2. Allow local data to be set for current session only”. This option will enable cookies just for your current session and it will return back to previous settings once you close your Yandex browser.
  • Block sites for setting any data”. It will disable cookies for all sites in your Yandex browser.
  1. Block third party cookies and site data”. This option will enable cookies for sites you often visit and disable all third-party cookie data.

Step 4: Choose any of the four Options like “Allow local data to be set”

You can choose either of these four options that suits best to you. Once you made necessary changes then click/tap the ready button. That’s all!

You’ve successfully enabled or disabled cookies, according to your choice in your Yandex browser.

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