Download Epic Browser and Enjoy Private Browsing – Complete Guide

Download epic browser and enjoy secure and private browsing. Epic’s proxy enables the encryption of your data and protect you from being track. Epic browser is dedicated to protect your privacy on web. If you often get annoyed because of ads which keep appearing in your browser, then epic browser can be your best option in terms of ZERO ADs. Download epic browser and enjoy its charming and user friendly features.

How to Download Epic Browser?

Step by step downloading and installing procedure of  epic browser is given below. Follow these steps carefully.

Step 1: Download Setup file

First of you need to click/tap THIS BUTTONIt will directly take you to the download button on the official website of Epic browser. Click/tap white “Download Epic Now” button. It will start downloading setup file of epic browser.

Step 2: Install Setup file of Epic browser.

Open downloaded file from download folder of your computer when it will show download complete notification. Double click/tap on setup file and allow it to RUN in your system, it will start installing the setup files of epic browser.

Step 3: Open epic browser and enjoy secure browsing

You  can open epic browser after it complete installation. It will also create a desktop icon for instant opening. Double tap/click this icon. Now you’re in the game. Enjoy the privacy!


  • Fully private browsing (it does not allow any website to track you)
  • Absolutely No Ads  (all types of web Ads are disabled in this browser)
  • No Spying on your web searching (Your web searching remains a secret)
  • No tracking of your searches and web history (we respect your privacy)
  • Epic proxy enabled (Use proxy to unblock websites and blocked contents)
  • Safe encryption of your data (very useful to protect your personal informations)
  • Access blocked sites (Using our pre enabled proxies)


NOTE: All these information are according to the Official website of Epic browser We DO NOT guarantee the validation of these features.

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