Cookies, Cache and Browsing History in Tor – Complete Analysis

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Cookies, Cache and Browsing History in Tor: Tor browser is mostly used where we need a bit more privacy and security or when we don’t want our online activities to be examined and analyzed by anyone, during or after our online presence. Many people are curious if Tor really useful for private and secure browsing or it also leave traces behind. People ask questions about cookies, cache and browsing history such as if these things can be traced out after our web surfing?

So let’s have a discussion about cookies, cache and browsing history in Tor browser, or what sometimes called Onion browser.

Cookies and Cache

By default tor browser only enable cookies for current session and it clear out all the cookies and cache once you close your tor browser. So there is nothing left saved when you close your browser and stop surfing.

If you still want to delete old cookies while using internet you can click/tap “New identity” button under the Tor button (green onion menu). It will instantly clear old cookies and grant you a totally new online identity. Relax!

Browsing History

Tor saves nothing. There is no browser history saved in your tor browser. There is no concept of saving and keeping track of browsing history in Tor. So you can use it freely without being worried about being getting caught by your browser history.

However, it may possible to track what you were doing by accessing and analyzing you computer’s hard drive if someone stole or snatch your laptop/tablet (it’s beyond tor’s privacy promises). You can use other software such as Bleachbit to erase or overwrite the free spaces of your hard drive where data was cached.

I hope it significantly released you tension. Have fun!

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