Connect Your Calendar to Amazon Alexa to Better Manage Your Life

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Alexa is the digital assistant that lives throughout the Echo. Putting in place Alexa along with your on-line calendars can let the software discuss out the appointments you may have for the day, or upload occasions and reminders in your calendars.

This dating with Alexa works each tactics that will help you plan your day. You simply have to invite a well mannered “Alexa, what’s on my calendar today?” However extra at the instructions later. Let’s first attach Alexa to the web calendars it helps!

Tips on how to Attach Alexa to an On-line Calendar

Alexa helps iCloud Calendar, Google Calendar, Microsoft Administrative center 365 Calendars, and Microsoft Calendar. You’ll be able to hyperlink Alexa to just one calendar at a time. Every other member of your Amazon Family too can hyperlink their calendar accounts to Alexa.

  1. Release the Alexa app to your smartphone.
  2. Cross to the Hamburger icon at the best left and make a choice Settings.
  3. Make a selection Calendar.
  4. Faucet and make a choice your calendar account from the checklist of supported suppliers.
  5. Make a selection the Hyperlink possibility, and observe the on-screen directions to permit Alexa to get entry to your calendar.

Amazon Alexa Calendar Link

You must permit two-factor authentication for the iCloud Calendar. Do take note of the message that claims any individual with get entry to in your Alexa gadgets can ask about occasions to your connected calendars. You will have a couple of calendars for every account like “Personal” or “Work”. The closing step permits you to make a choice the only calendar for scheduling your day.

It’s completed. Now, you may have allowed Alexa into the sanctum of your calendar. Ask Alexa to inform or remind you when your subsequent appointment or vacation is. Don’t disregard that Alexa makes sense — you’ll upload an match by way of Alexa via talking out aloud. As an example: “Create a meeting named [event name] with [person’s name].”

There are extra voice instructions and you’ll learn all of them in this Amazon Lend a hand web page.

Have you ever arrange a calendar with Alexa and Amazon Echo but? How is it running for you?

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