How to clear Cookies, Browsing History and Cache on Chrome

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You’re using chrome web browser and you want to clear your Cookies, Browsing history, and cache. YES? You’re at right place then. I’m going to guide you with a detailed procedure of clearing your Cookies, Browsing history and cache in chrome.

Follow These Easy Steps

Step 1: Open Browsing History from “Customize and Control”

If you’re using windows OS then open chrome browser, the menu list of chrome by clicking/tapping “customize and control” button at upper right side of chrome and then click/tap the history option that you can easily see in menu list. A window will be opened showing your previous browsing history record. You can see option of “clear browsing data” in left side of that window.

Not using windows?
If you’re using Mac OS instead of windows then open your chrome browser and click/tap the “Chrome” option in menu list. A drop menu of chrome will appear in which you can see option of “clear browsing data”

Step 2: Click or Tap on “Clear Browsing Data”

Click/tap the option of “clear browsing data”. A pop up window will appear, showing different choices of clearing history such as history of past hour or past day or from the begging. It will also ask the items you need to clear such as browsing history, download history, passwords, cookies, auto-fills etc.

Once you make your choices, click/tap “clear browsing data”

Congratulations, you’ve cleared all of your browser history, cookies and cache from your computer.

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