Clear Cache, Browsing History and Cookies in SRware Iron – Answer

Every website you visit leave a track in your browser in the form of cookies, cache or sticking in your browser history. These things can be cleared out manually if you want keep secret which sites you visited.

Clear Browsing History, Cookies, and Cache in SRware Iron

Here I’m going to explain the procedure of clearing browser history, cookies, saved passwords and cache from you SRware Iron browser. Method is very simple, just follow these steps carefully.

Step 1: Open “Tools” Option

When you open your SRware iron browser’s home you often see “Tools” button. Click/tap this button. It will show a list of many Options.

Step 2: Under the “Hood” Locate “Clear Browsing Data”

Now you’re seeing a Hood icon on your computer/tablet screen. Just click/tap to open it. Once you open you’ll see many options in right sided panel. Locate “Clear Browsing data” in this panel and click/tap on it.

Step 3: Select the required Options from the list and done

Once you click/tap “Clear Browsing data” a dialog box will open showing different option that you can clear or delete from you SRware Iron browser. Usually it includes:

  • Clear browsing history
  • Clear download history
  • Empty the cache
  • Delete cookies…
  • Clear saved passwords
  • Clear saved auto-fill form data

(Be careful here! Because there is no way to get back or undo the changes you’re about to make)

You can select and make choices among them and then click/tap “Clear Browsing Data” button. It will delete all the items you selected. So that’s all! You’ve successfully cleared your browsing history, cookies, Cache and saved passwords from you SRware Iron browser.

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