Is Chrome for Mac OS Still a Best Option for Apple Users?

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No matter if Google Chrome is still the best option for Apple users, but you can keep using Safari if you’re used to it! Because, it has nothing to do with if Chrome is still the best.

Chrome for Mac OS

Recently a big question arise, if Google Chrome  browser for mac OS is still a best option for Apple users? Or it’s time for mac users to shift back to safari, opera or firefox… Chrome was launched with the aim of boosting up the browser’s performance as compared to other browser. Surely, it did improve browsing performance for mac OS and windows OS as well, but it’s been a long time. both Chrome and Mac OS have changed a lot in this duration. So  the question of the day is that if the Chrome is still at the top of best web browsers for Mac OS ?

Answer is “YES… Generally”

If we talk about browsers for Mac OS devices, then four names appear in our mind.

  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera

Safari, Chrome and Opera came from a common ancestor “WebKit”, Firefox uses its own Gecko engine. There are some performance measuring benchmarks for browsers such as JetStream 1.1, Kraken-1.1, Octane 2.0, Web XPRT 2015 and HTML5 Test. Firefox and Opera came first in one of the benchmarks but Chrome Two Top Positions in these benchmark tests. So we can say,

Yes… Chrome browser for Mac OS is best for Apple users

But there is no certain limit how much and in how many ways Chrome browser for mac OS is best. If you think Safari is doing best job for you, then you may keep using it..!

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