Browser Fingerprinting technology can Identify You even if You Switch to other Device or Browsers – Read details of this Interesting Technology

Recently computer engineers and scientists developed Browser Fingerprint Technology, which can identify internet users across the web. Software that was previously being used by websites to identify you, uses some characteristics of your device (computer/mobile). If you change your browser or device then this identification may become useless. But this new “Browser Fingerprinting Technology” is even more efficient in identifying users than a single browser techniques.

browser fingerprinting technology

Intro. of Browser Fingerprinting Technology

Yinzhi Cao (A Computer science faculty member in Lehigh University Pennsylvania) developed this browser fingerprinting technology. As an initial test he successfully identified 99 percent users on different browser. Accuracy of this new tech. is far better than the previous single browser technique. Accuracy of single browser tech. was 90.8 percent. Difference is clear!

Browser Fingerprinting Technology is actually an authenticating technique which will initially be use for retail and banking websites for authenticating users. But surely it will become available for many other websites to identify and track users.

How it Work?

Information of JavaScript and Flash plugin will be combined in browser fingerprinting technology to create a Fingerprint of an internet user. This Fingerprint will contain following information:

  • Screen settings
  • User’s audio stack
  • CPU information
  • Graphics card
  • Browsers used by an online user.

Screen info will be containing screen resolution ratios such as width/height ratio, font, text six and other personal preferences. Previous identification techniques work only if a user stick only to a single browser. If user change device or browser these identification techniques are fail.  29 identification features are combined in this new Browser Fingerprinting Technology, including cross browser features which remains constant no matter which browser is being used. A scripting language forces user’s computer to perform 36 tasks which takes only a minute or two to finish. Outcomes of these tasks are the system information of user’s computer like sample rate, channel count in audio stack etc.

NOTE: Developers of this Browser Fingerprinting Technology said, This technology do not work on Tor browser. (Probably they are already upto something to take Tor down). Open source code of this technique is also published few days back. Any website can use it now!


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