Do you know what are the top 10 best Safari extensions and plugins? Here’s the list

If you use Apple device then most probably Safari is your best choice because of its smoothness. Here I’ll discuss about the best safari extensions. You can assist your browsing and get most out of safari if you know appropriate extensions. So let’s start exploring best extensions and plugins for your safari browser.

Best Safari Extensions and Plugins

Following is ascending ordered list of most used and extraordinarily best safari extensions and that you can enjoy.
to 10 best safari extensions

i) Adblock

According to me most annoying while web surfing is ads. Ads break out your motion and concentration on work. Specially if you’re watching a youtube video and suddenly an ad appears and break your motion. Yes I know that’s so annoying. You sure wanna get rid of this problem. Here’s the solution! Adblock extension in safari graphical, ads, and YouTube videos ads. You can also set your ad preference manually! It means there can be some websites whose ads you actually want to see, or something like that. So you can allow ads from particular website(s). That’s actually pretty user friendly!

Here’s the download link Download Adblock Now

ii) Autopagerize

many times while searching for some particular thing or doing shopping, you keep scrolling web pages. Actually you’ve to search into many pages. But repeatedly clicking “next page” may annoy you. Autopagerize addresses this problem. It will automatically load the next page when you reach at the bottom of current while scrolling. Means you don’t need to manually click “next page”. Actually this is very useful specially when you have to dig into the web in search of some particular thing. That’s why it got high rank in best safari extensions.

Here’s the download link Download Autopagerize Now

iii) ClickToPlugin

This extension will block the website contents which use a plug-in. For example, if you load a particular page that contains some contents which use a plugin then that particular contents will be block by this extension. A placeholder with the name of this extension will appear there. You can easily see rest of the contents of that website. If you need the contents that are blocked by this extension then you can simply click on placeholder. It will unblock those contents.

Here’s the download link Download ClickToPlugin Now

iv) Coda Notes

This is actually a very useful and one of the best safari extensions which provides you a toolbar. This toolbar allows you to add notes and highlight different parts of a webpage and then mail it to anyone. Its particularly useful for students, if you find some useful study content on a webpage then you can highlight it on the spot and instantly mail it to you classmates.

Here’s the download link Download Coda Notes Now

v) Derpyme

Derpyme is actually is a URL shortening extension which allows you to convert long URLs into short ones. It’s particularly useful when you’ve to share a URL with friends on Facebook, Twitter etc. It’s easiest way to get an abbreviated replacement of long URL.

Here’s the download link Download Derpyme Now

vi) DuckDuckGo

When we hear the word “search engines” suddenly GOOGLE appears in our mind. But due to some issues such as privacy and poor records, people started looking towards its replacements. DuckDuckGo is actually a search engine like google. It’s considered a safer search engine because it’s said that it doesn’t keep record of what you search. This is the official extension from DuckDuckGo and no doubt its among the best safari extensions which is now available.

Here’s the download link  Download DuckDuckGo Now

vii) F. B. Purity

You gonna love it if you love Facebook. You often see a lot of unrelated and annoying stuff in your fb new feeds. This extensions acts as a filter of your new feeds. It means you’ll only be shown with the new feeds of your interest. It filters out the detritus.

Here’s the download link  Download F.B. Purity Now

viii) HoverSee

A big helping hand in web surfing! Now you can overview a website without opening it. It will search for images and links on website and you can preview it by hovering your mouse on it. Even if there is no image in a website, this extension will still do previewing job for you. It’s smartness in this work made it one of the best safari extensions.

Here’s the download link Download HoverSee Now

ix) Incognito

You often notice that if you search for some product online then many types of ads related to that product start appearing. That’s pretty annoying. This extension Incognito aimed to stop google and from sending you ads and other irritating stuff. You can switch it off as well, if you actually need some particular ads. Install it and say good bye to product ads.

Here’s the download link Download Incognito Now

x) KeyStroke

It’s a unique extension which is developed to provide useful keyboard shortcuts. If you spend a lot of time on computer you may get fed up by typing, clicking, pointing, using mouse etc. This extension make it a lot easier for you to manage and control your web surfing. Install it and check yourself how it became one of best safari extensions.

Here’s the download link Download KeyStroke Now

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