Do you know what are the top 10 best games for mac OS? Here’s the List

Here i’m going to brief you guys with an introduction of top 10 best games for mac OS. Your safari browser actually supports many unique and enjoyable games. I just compiled top 10 of them in ascending order on the bases of users’ preference. So that it could be helpful for you if you’re looking for some new games to try. So here we go,


Agario Game

This’s actually a very simple and most enjoyable game in safari browser, having a squared background. There are some points and circle type cells that keep floating on the panel. You just have to pick a circle and your target is to make it as big as possible. But how to make your circle big ? Just keep colliding your circle with small colour bits (floating on the panel in random order). You can also collide and eat other players. This game is actually very interesting. Millions of mac users round the globe playing and enjoying this game. It’s very helpful in relaxing your mind and lessen you tiredness. Play Now

ii) Candy Crush Soda

Candi Crush Sega

This game consists of a panel of different coloured sweets. All you need to do is to search for 3 consecutive same coloured sweets and slide your finger on it. Sweets will be exploded and you gain a point. Now search for another 3 consecutive sweets and do the same! Play Candy Crush Soda 

iii) Contre Jour

Contre Jour

This’s a kind of puzzle game! You target is to move a trundling eyeball to the blue shining point. Puzzling nature of this game made it best games for mac. Play Contre Jour Now

iv) Cut the Rope

cut the rope

In this game, A green blob Om Nom is present at your door. and you’ve to give it sweet candy which is tied in ropes in some boxes. You will try to get these candies to Om Nom by cutting these rops. It’s really enjoyable to play. Play Cut the Rope

v) Fist of Awesome

Fist of Awesom

This game is actually based on bearded lumberjack who can punch and kick. Bear tries to correct the wrong world. By the title and description it doesn’t actually look good but I think you should play it and check what made this game successful in getting on top ranking position. Play Fist of Awesome

vi) Happy Wheels

Happy Wheel

In this single player game you need to ride and reach at top without dying. You can also create your self made levels for other players. Extreme fun is waiting for you in this game. Try it! Play Happy Wheels

vii) Gridland


This game consists of a grid with symbols. Your target is to manage resources and construct buildings. I don’t know how to explain this game to make you familiar with it. But I do suggest you to try this. This could be an exact match to your personality if you love targets. Play Gridland Now

viii) Last Horizon

Last Horizon

Target in this game is to fly in space and constructing space ships by landing on different planets. Once you finish one target, there will be new adventures waiting for you in space. I believe astronomy lover gamers made it one of the best games for mac! Play Last Horizon Now

ix) Miner Z

Miner Z

In this game you’re supposed to survive of zombie apocalypse having only two options Dig o Die. Cool thing about this game is your aim is to just be survived. Try it! Play Miner Z Now

x) Swoop


This game is a bit like other “helicopter” based games. You’re basically flying an helicopter in this game. There will be some controls like gaining altitude, move forward or diving etc. Actually the craze of flying copter  made this game one of the best games for mac. Keep flying your copter and enjoy! Play Swoop Now

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